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Malta unravels to reveal a bevy of historical and cultural wonders to further enrich your experience during your spa holiday. If you don’t want to explore the island, then you can choose to spend your entire break relaxing in one of our spas and taking advantage of the huge range of fantastic journeys available. Whether you want to relax and be pampered, detox, lose weight or take decisive steps to improve your wellness with our Ayurveda specialists, there is plenty to keep you active and engaged – all delivered by Myoka’s experienced team and wide range of specialists, Ayurveda doctors, Thai, Chinese, Indian practitioners, wellness and medical consultants who specialise in techniques and treatments from all over the world. The Myoka ethos or main focus with wellness is the overall improvement of quality of life, with particular emphasis on relaxation, inner peace and individual equilibrium. We start each guests journey with a detailed consultation to understand their concerns and design a unique protocol of cleansing and regeneration to aid healing and maintain good health. Why not experience the traditional Ayurvedic treatments or indulge in one of our spa packages personalised for your needs? The Myoka Ayurvedic Centres located in our spas help to revive battered senses. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originating in India about 5000BC. A compound of the word ayus meaning life and veda meaning knowledge, the word Ayurveda means “knowledge of life”. Five thousand years of wisdom distilled to purify the body, mind and soul, it is often called the mother of healing, where everything used is of herbal origin and has no side effects. It is a holistic therapy, which can prevent diseases, arrest premature ageing and let you enjoy good health. Our guests can consult with one of our Indian practitioners to see what treatments would be best for them or plan a suitable course of action prior to your visit in Malta.

Malta is the perfect location for a touch of relaxation, romance or luxury, as you will benefit from sunshine and great temperatures throughout most of the year. As you would expect from a premium quality spa resort in Malta, or anywhere else in the world, we offer the most up-to-date facilities and beautiful surroundings to ensure that your holiday is everything you dreamed it would be.

Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing and enjoying the multiple pleasures of a wellness spa. So when you want to feel special and pampered, an excellent choice is to spend time in any Myoka Spa around the island. The benefits of a spa visit, are not just physical in nature, they can have emotional and spiritual advantages as well. Our spas are tailored to improve the well- being and comfort of our guests all the way.

Modern lifestyles and the stress we endure often result in people experiencing a spiritual vacuum, with increasing numbers turning to spiritual therapy to understand their emotions. Myoka Spas are the ideal places for people to find the balance they need to achieve genuine fulfilment in their daily lives. The pursuit of fulfillment, health and happiness should be the aspiration of everyone.

Start your day with a one-to-one yoga session followed by an anti-stress consultation, deep breathing class and a combination of holistic treatments along with a spa lunch. While you are being treated like a king or queen you can make full use of the spa facilities which include indoor heated pools, saunas and steam rooms, fitness centres, plunge pools and more. If you are looking to get away from the demands and pressures of life, look no further. Balance and re-energise in sunny Malta. Our spa treatments and facilities create respites for the senses, but to live a spa life, one must experience relaxation within oneself and extend it with kindness to others. So learn to love yourself! For further information about our wellness packages, signature treatments and customized packages contact us on +356 21 5725156 or visit

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