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window (a rocky opening framing stunning views) and fungus rock, the sheer cliffs, curving bays and gigantic caves. The Zebbug track requires an intermediate level of biking skill, with scenic rewards such as Il-Qolla l-Bajda (the white hill), Is-Salvatur (a statue of Jesus on a hill) and the picturesque Gozitan countryside. The great outdoors, pollution-free air and natural beauty of the Island aids the feeling of wellbeing.

One of the joys of being on Gozo is that, no matter where you are, you’re never far from one of the many magnificent beaches or secluded little coves. There is a choice of both sandy and rocky beaches on the Island, offering scenic spots and serene areas for those wanting peace and quiet, including Dwejra, San Blas Ramla Bay, Xlendi Bay and Il-Kantra, a private fjord-like rocky beach where you can always find a corner for rest, relaxation and tranquillity. The Island’s culinary experience contains its very own gastronomic specialities and never ceases to amaze food lovers. In the past, eateries offered authentic local food, which still survive today, but aside from these family favourites there are now a number of sophisticated restaurants offering more haute cuisine and creative, contemporary dishes. However, rural cuisine, such as aljotta (fish soup) and stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit stew), can always be found and served alongside fine local wines. Gozo’s spa and wellness experiences go hand-in-hand with the environment. So you’ll find an eclectic mix of natural Ayurvedic, Balinese, Indian and Turkish treatments. Lifestyle stays (from three to 21 days) are hugely popular in Gozo, such as leading Ayurvedic retreats that are designed to restore balance as well as incorporating a nutritional programme with an Indian chef who’ll prepare tailor-made meals in line with your unique dosha (a thumbprint). Daily yoga is also offered to develop harmony and balance within the body.

There are plenty of ‘Gozitan’ rituals, too, such as ‘Ocean Memory’, which involves algae petals and salts scrub to help improve circulation. For those looking to improve the condition of their skin there are various anti-ageing, firming treatments, and inch-loss detoxifying experiences using intensive mud, which treat the skin and to help shed toxins. Feeding your body and soul with a spa retreat that combines treatments along with local food and enlightening excursions is what Gozo does best. Take boat trips around the Dwejira coast, sample produce from an organic farm or even try your hand at painting or scuba diving.

Escaping the masses, whilst improving your wellbeing doesn’t get much better than this for the discerning traveller.

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