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KIT LOCKER Judgement Day For T2


NAMED AFTER one of the toughest mountain races in the world, there is little surprise the Scott T2 Kinabalu is designed with ultimate trail-running in mind. Coming in at 250g, it is light, yet there is enough cushioning and protection for more technically- demanting routes. Part of Scott’s eRide range, the trainer allows the foot to roll forward and make for a more efficient running style. With superb traction and drainage system, the T2 Kinabalu is the perfect choice for wet or slippery terrain. SRP: £110

Cherry B Good Travel Towel

CHERRYGOOD PLUS CHERRIES ARE one of my favourite fruits - sweet, tart and juicy, so I was keen to try Cherrygood Plus a juice drink that apparently has a host of benefits for people who enjoy exercise.

Extensive research has shown that taking the juice regularly may (among other things) help build muscle

strength, improve muscle recovery after exercise, and encourage healthy joints. I am yet to see if all these claims are true - but what I can say is that this is a delicious alternative to other ‘super-drinks’ currently on the market. The concentrated juice can be diluted with water providing you with a refreshing drink but other ideas include adding it as flavouring to a yoghurt or smoothie - both taste fab! SRP: £14 for a 500ml bottle.


THESE MICROFIBRE antibacterial travel towels are not only perfect for travelling - but also for use after working out or heading for that run and the perfect addition to your kit bag.

Quick drying and bacteria resistant, the towels are extremely lightweight and can be packed to a fraction of the size of a traditional bath towel whilst providing superior absorbency. SRP: £9.95 (smallest size)

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