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ollege students often need a mountain of mate- rials. From books, to furnishings, to resources, the transition to college involves new items

of all sorts. But what happens when the need for new things meets a meager budget? Where can students comfortably acquire these items?

While there are several websites dedicated to selling

and purchasing goods, Tina Snyder ran into concerns when her college-aged daughter was searching Craigslist for a new bike. Who, exactly, was doing the selling? Where would her daughter have to go to procure these items? Safety in mind, Snyder was reminded of a mar- ketplace a previous employer had offered solely to the company’s employees. What if this same system could be applied to the college campus?

And so, CampusWall was born. Only those with .edu email addresses are permitted access to the cam- pus-specific virtual bulletin boards. Providing a safe community to buy, sell, swap and share goods and services, CampusWall is a vital resource for any college student.

AFFORDABILITY Te old stereotype of college students living on Top Ramen and macaroni and cheese isn’t always off base. Te reality is, most students are met with dollar signs around every corner. From furnishing a dorm room to paying for a seemingly endless supply of textbooks, the word “budget” is familiar to college students. Of course, these expenses come even before some of the larger transitions college brings; even if dorms are fur- nished, apartments aren’t. And what if, as with Snyder’s daughter, a student wants to look into a new method of transportation, like a bike? Where can a student start searching, while also staying within budget?

CampusWall makes it easy for students to purchase these items without breaking the bank. And when they have items such as books that they aren’t going to use anymore (because that Economics book may only be needed for one semester), students are offered the op- portunity to make a little cash back by selling them.


The Virtual Bulletin Board

by Rachel Wiley

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