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Pacific District Player

Development Camp California Selections

BOYS 1995

Forwards Charles Siroky Chandler Madry Riley Alferd Jacob Romo Garrett Gamez Mick Nisbet Taylor Maruya Stefan Malmlund Adam Lowe Alternates: Matthen Wood- ley, Oliver Takacsi-Nagy, Robert Tirea


Nicholas Katzaroff Michael Damien JiYoung Li Garrett Geane George Lloyd Daylan Lipanovich Alternates: Ryan Piscotty, Wyatt Kurita-Wilson, Shayne Smith

Goaltenders Mitchell Privett

Nikolai Della Maggiore Alternate: Rick Lawrence

1996 Forwards

Brian Williams Patrick Newell Nicholas Rivera Chris Koukis Nick Klishko Ethan Somoza Carson Kelley David Giroux Will Johnson Franklin Newman Cameron Poe

Jeffrey Sanguedolce Alternates: Kody Ichinaga, Lawton Courtnall, Jack- son DeWitt

Defensemen Sean Ross

John Tomilinson Austin Chavez Riley Hummitsch Tyler Rockwell

Joseph Sriprajittichai Alternates: Sam Taferner, Connor Downing, Evan Nyhus


Geoffrey Grimm Kemp Kian Alternates: Rock Boynton, Aleksandr Zendejas

1997 Forwards

Robert Jackson lll Alec Mehr Aaron Aragon Jake Rainer

Matthew Poindexter Evan Weinger Will Lighbourn


Benjamin Lown Patrick Khodorenko Blake Barger Jason Kong Jared Christy Wyatt Light Ryan Gil

Declan Curtis Jack Gates Jack Sitzman Nichoals Cefalu Eugene Lim Alternates: Michael Ker- brat, Brett Pickler, Evan Gray

Defensemen Riley Williams Sean Cullinane Joshua Morrison Dylan Dix

Cameron Judge Justin Driffill Alternates: Chad Sasaki, Keelan Ulnick

Goaltenders Jacob Acton Garrett Nieto Alternate: Domenic Bosetti

GIRLS 1995


Megan Whiddon Nicole Finegan Jennifer Jones

Defensemen Kristi Peters Demi Latham

Goaltenders Kasia Rand

Jacqueline Audet

• All girls camps will run from May 3-6 in Mountlake Terrace, Wash. • The 95 and 96 boys camps will run from May 3-6 in Kent, Wash. • The 97 boys camp will run from April 26-29 in Kent, Wash. • The 98 boys will compete at the Western Regional Multi-District High Perfor- mance Camp, along with other 1998-borns from the Rocky Mountain, Pacific and Northern Plains Districts, from June 26-July 1 in Colorado Springs


Joshua Racataian Chase DiBari Junyan Mak Sam Reveles Aaron Burden Alec Grollman Alternates: Corey Gutier- rez, Dakota Raabe, Nicho- las Schultze

Defensemen Keoni Texeira Colton Rhodes Ben Baker David Adams Ryan Carpenter Joseph Thielen Derin Ozturk Bobby Campbell Alternates: Kyle Mayhew, Ryan Orgel, Michael Kim

Goaltenders Evan Sarthou Nicholas Nast Robert Jacobson Alternate: Rob Ivy

1998 1996 Forwards

Kayla Nielsen Kiyono Cox

Rachel Goodrow Jaycie Lua Michaela Kyte Alternates: Taylor Ch- isholm, Laura Thacker

Defensemen Kara Drexler Candace Lu Kelsey Corcoran Alternates: Danielle Camorre, Onya Sterling, Savannah Sommers

Goaltenders Justine Silva Megan Browning Nicole Langley Natalie Stevenson

1997 Forwards

Keiko DeClerck Justine Reyes Erin Ozturk Emily Williams Valerie Brown Alternates: Mackenzie Ken- nedy, Alyssa Valentine, Juiana Ferrentino, Eva Kristof, Samantha Shierts

Defensemen Leila Kilduff Gabriella Monaco Rebecca Graham Rachel Carranza Alternates: Brooke Maggy, Amy Templeman, Cas- sandra Angeles, Jennifer Nguyen


Skylar Starbeck Madison Villa

1998 Forwards

Katherine Hughes Baylee Trani Tia Stoddard Kendra Farole Hana DeClerk Alternates: Lillian March- ant, Bailey Bennett, Domenika Reusche, Alex- andra Anderson, Camille Sullivan


Kateri McClellan Jessica Jones Kiara Alexander Allyson Mellentine


Kai-Lilly Karpman Laurel Philipp

Ozturk twins excel both on the ice and in the classroom

By Chris Bayee W

hen Derin Ozturk was about to make his first trip to nationals, he

knew where to ask for advice - his twin sister, Erin, who was about to make her fourth consecutive trip. Now that Derin has reached the Pa-

cific District Player Development Camp for the first time, Erin can fill him in on what to expect there, too, given that she will attend the USA Hockey National Se- lect Camp for the second year in a row. That’s how the twins roll, helping

each other out as they pursue their goals of playing college hockey. “We get along well,” said Erin, a cen-

ter on the Anaheim Lady Ducks’ 14U AAA team. “We’re in four classes together (at Huntington Beach High), we help each other out a lot with homework. “Derin helps me with my shot and re-

lease and tells me things I wouldn’t real- ize, which I can use in my game.” Derin, a sturdy 6-foot-2, 200-pound defenseman who played for the LA Se- lects’ Bantam AAA team, said the cama- raderie has always existed. “I’ve been here for her, she’s been here

for me,” he said. “It’s not like we fight; we’re really good friends.” How many teenage boys would want their sister practicing with their team? “At first I was scared she wouldn’t be

good enough,” Derin said. “I knew she was good as a girls player, but she’s big (5- foot-8, 140 pounds), fast and strong. She showed she could compete with my team.” Derin’s teammates had no problem

with the practice guest, coach Rick Kelly noted.

“The guys liked hav-

ing her there, and she held her own against AAA boys,” he said. Erin said the practices sparked her game.

“I’m so grateful Rick

let me skate with Derin’s team and take lessons with them,” she said. “That was one thing that made me better over this past year; practicing


that high speed and with that level of talent made me have to push myself. It showed in my game later in the season.” That Lady Ducks sea- son ended with a bronze medal at their USA Hock- ey National Tournament and a captain’s “C” on Er- in’s sweater.

Not bad consider-

ing neither she nor Derin started playing ice hockey until they were 10 after a few years of recreational roller hockey.

“One of the reasons I

gave her the role of cap- tain was to challenge her and develop her commu- nication

skills because

College hopefuls Erin and Derin Ozturk are two of more than 100 Californians who will compete at the upcoming Pacific District Player Development Camps in Washington and Western Regional Multi-District High Performance Camp in Colorado.

she’s very bright and athletic,” her coach, Kathy McGarrigle, said. “She’s come a long way, and it’s good to see her lead the team and make the strides she has the past couple years.”

Training has been a big part of the twins’ improvement. “We’re on the ice or in the gym at least two hours a day,” Erin said. “We work on things every day to make sure we’re im- proving. (Strength training) has given me an advantage; it helps me win faceoffs and helps me keep going when I have to be out on the ice for power plays and penalty kills.”

As a result, Erin has what her brother calls “the hardest slap shot I’ve ever seen for a girl” - one McGarrigle estimates travels at least 70 miles an hour. The twins bring just as much dedica- tion to their studies.

“Both are really smart,” Kelly said.

“We had 2-3-hour study periods at nation- als, and Ozzy was the tutor for the rest of the team. He’s brilliant. Their family is all about education.” Derin would like to follow in the foot-

steps of his father, Deniz, who is a petro- leum engineer. “Math is pretty much my expertise,”

Derin said. Erin, meanwhile, sees herself combin- ing her passion for sports with her inter- est in science. “I’m leaning towards medicine,” she said. “My mom (Jan) is a doctor, and many of my relatives are as well. Ideally, I’d like to do something with sports medi- cine.”

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