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charged for the Thursday pre-conference in the past was to cover the luncheon. If it were brought back, it would have to be an additional charge like it is on Friday. This will be discussed again. “Move the lobby concerts back to the hotel lobby” – These were moved to the tower to be a little more respectful to the students that were performing. The hotel lobby is too noisy and doesn’t have enough room for registration and the concerts. If you remember, a few years ago we moved registration to the 2nd

floor for a year. That didn’t go so well. The Tower lobby is

much more conducive to the performances. “There are too many things to see at the same time” – That’s a good thing. It’s much better than not enough to see. “Handouts should be made available on the website” – We discussed this at the post-conference meeting. Unfortunately,

there are two problems with this. First, these are the intellectual property of the presenter. Second – if we provided all of the info to anyone, there would be no reason for the presenters to have an audience. “Lower the price” – If we could, we would! The 2011 Conference lost money. We had to pay an enormous amount of money for the conference space because we did not sell enough rooms to cover our contract. Our goal every year is to break even. We have to balance the cost with the economic factors that have an effect on everyone’s bottom line. “Parking” – This is being addressed. Just so the info is out there, the parking is a completely separate entity from the hotel.

In our contract, we have a specific number of spaces in the lot that are designated to our conference. The rest of the spaces are designated to people that work in the towers. We are trying to get more spaces for the future. We’re trying to do everything that we can to avoid running a shuttle again! “More/different exhibits” – At last year’s post-con meeting, we decided to change over to booths in the exhibit hall.

We were crossing our fingers on this one because the change meant fewer vendors could fit in the space. We had to raise our prices to cover the adjusted sizes. We only turned away one vendor that wanted a large number of booths after the facility had been completely booked. What the booths did was allow vendors to actually bring things to sell instead of just handing out pamphlets. For the most part, the comments about the change were positive. If you know of anyone that would like to be an exhibitor, they can find info on the NJMEA website. “Add more Academies” – We’re exploring the options at this time. Friday Night Concert suggestions – It’s great to get so many suggestions. Many of them have been contacted in the past

and were well out of our price range or cannot fit into our schedule. Groups like the “Manhattan Transfer” are a once in a lifetime choice and are economically draining to our NJMEA budget. We are continuing to look at some of those that you have suggested for future performances.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when planning the conference. The planning is well under way for next year and your

comments are a part of that process. We truly appreciate you taking the time to let us know what works and what doesn’t work. While I couldn’t possibly address all of the comments from the survey, I tried to address some of the ones that we saw more frequently with the hope that you would understand that your comments are heard. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like to have addressed, please feel free to email me and I can get an answer for you. I hope that everyone has a restful summer and comes back in September ready for an exciting year filled with music making! To those that are retiring – I wish you the best. We’re all hoping to be there some day!

Administration Ronald P. Dolce - Secretary




Bachelor of Music (Music Education, Classical Performance, Jazz Studies)

n Bachelor of Arts in Music n Music Minor

It seems like it was just a few short months ago that I wrote this school year’s first article welcoming everyone back from the

summer break. Here we are in May putting the finishing touches on our last concerts and music trips. This year, we experimented by having joint meetings with the art administrators. Our workshops covered a variety of topics including “Supervising the Art Teacher: Effective Evaluation Techniques”, presented by Joanie Rosen and Joan Conway from the AANJ and “Music

TEMPO 8 continued on page 10 MAY 2012 MAY 2012 9 TEMPO

BE INSPIRED: Study with faculty from the New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and New Jersey Symphony.

BE CHALLENGED: Music conservatory training within New Jersey’s flagship public research university.

BE ENGAGED: Over 15 performance ensembles with opportunities to perform in New York City and abroad.

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