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Conference program information, but also an App that will access region sites, affiliates, board members, directions, music education links, as well as viewing and commenting on pictures, videos, Facebook and Twitter. New Jersey is taking the lead on having this type of interactive App for our music education association and community. The App draws much of its information from the NJMEA Website, so all website changes and updates are automatically pushed through the App instantly. If you are a proud owner of an iPhone or iPad, please visit the Apple App store and download your NJMEA App today!

President’s Message KEITH HODGSON

609-317-0906 Website:


reetings to all of my fellow music educators in New Jersey. I hope that the 2011-2012 school year has been successful and fulfilling for you professionally and that you and your students have had fun learning and making music!

During my first year as NJMEA President, not only was it a pleasure to see all of the All-State performances, but I also made it a priority

to attend as many region and county performances around the state and college visits that I could schedule. Between concerts, convention sessions and performances and the work being done at the undergraduate collegiate level, I am inspired for the future of music education in New Jersey.

I am also very thankful to all of the volunteers that continue to give of themselves year after year for their local, county, region and state

organizations: managing, hosting, organizing, mentoring new teachers, serving as officers and leaders of music organizations. Without your dedication to music, the student musicians in New Jersey would not have all the high quality musical experiences that they now enjoy.

2013 ALL-EASTERN APPLICATIONS I would once again like to remind all high school music teachers that the deadline for the 2013 All-Eastern Applications for the Band,

Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz are due to me by June 1st. The online application link and instructions can be found on the NJMEA website and also in the several TEMPO Express emails that have been sent to all current NAfME members over March and April. Students must currently be a sophomore or junior and already accepted to the 2012-2013 All-State Ensembles.

NJMEA SUMMER WORKSHOP As we wrap-up another school year and look to the summer to relax, re-energize and recharge our batteries... please consider the NJMEA

Summer Workshop. It is a one day conference packed with sessions presented at The College of New Jersey Music Building on Tuesday, August 7th. Joe Akinskas and his team have once again developed a fantastic professional development opportunity for our members.

ASSESSMENT If you have been following the legislation facing the teaching profession in New Jersey, you know that teacher tenure may become a thing

of the past. My advice to all music educators is to keep working on your craft. Your teaching evaluations, your students’ success in your class curriculum and how you and your students are meeting the standards are crucial. Be sure that performance classes have an assessment model in place. Continue to find new and fresh ideas in your teaching and more ways to infuse technology into the classroom. Work collaboratively with your colleagues and reach out to mentor teachers for assistance. My experience has been that there are many music colleagues around the state with great wisdom and doing wonderful things in their classrooms from whom we can all learn. Please do not be afraid to reach out for assistance.

NJMEA APP FROM THE APPLE APP STORE I am pleased to announce that NJMEA has an App now available FREE from the iTunes App store. We worked hard to have the App

ready by the February conference, however, wevran into difficulties getting the approval from Apple in time. The NJMEA App for the iPhone and iPad will hopefully be a useful tool for all New Jersey music educators in the years to come. Jeff Bradbury has been working closely with me to develop and design this as a tool not only for the February, Atlantic City and Summer


I am looking forward to my second year as your President with great anticipation at all that we can accomplish together. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have as we move forward. If you have any suggestions for improvements in what NJMEA does for our membership, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful, restful summer!


• Encourage membership. An important part of our strength is in our numbers. The more music educators that we can cite as part of our association, the more clout we are able to wield as we spread the word of the importance of music education in our children’s lives. If you have colleagues that are not members of NJMEA (NAfME), apply some peer pressure! Let them know that their membership counts! The cost is tax-deductible, applies for an entire calendar year from when they join and entitles them to a host of services and resources.

• Attend State Music Conferences. There are three opportunities throughout the year to attend professional development conferences. NJEA in Atlantic City in November, NJMEA in East Brunswick in February, and the NJMEA Summer Workshop in August in Ewing on the TCNJ campus. Our members attend these events to get new fresh teaching ideas, stay current with technology, hear quality musical performances and network with colleagues, vendors and members of the music industry.

• Include legislators in your local activities. Invite your state senator, assembly representative and board of education members to your concerts, plays, festivals, etc. Send copies of programs to their offices. The parents of your students are voters, so let your elected officials see and hear that their constituents value the support of music education.

• Join NJMEA Online. Over 600 of your NJMEA colleagues are members of the NJMEA Facebook Group. Please join us on Facebook and on Twitter @NJMEA. Visit our new website often as important information is always being updated. If you have suggestions for our website please let me know.

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