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Space Clearing Reiki & Seichim

by Leanne Dawson

Regain your personal power: tap bullies away

BULLYING HAS BECOME a major issue. Most of the focus is on preventing bullying in our school yards, workplaces, through the internet and in our homes but there’s not much around to help with the after effects of being bullied. It is the hurt and pain that wounds us when bullied and those invisible scars don’t go away just because the bullying has stopped. The iPhone app ‘Tap Bullies Away’ was developed to help heal the emotional and mental impact of bullying using Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT has been found to be highly effective

for all kinds of emotional issues such as anxiety, fears, hurt, anger, overwhelm and loss. It was created by Gary Craig about twenty years ago and is based on the work of clinical research psychologist Dr Roger Callahan. EFT works by tapping on specific meridian

points used in acupuncture to stimulate the flow of energy and with it the emotion that is trapped in the body from the trauma experienced from events like bullying. In EFT we talk about releasing the emotional charge attached to any negative thought, feeling, experience or belief system we have. It is the charge associated with our experiences that we express as our degree of emotional distress about what has happened to us and it’s also what keeps that memory in our minds. ‘Tap Bullies Away’ has two EFT protocols

- one to help a person cope with the bullying that has occurred and the other is to help them release the distress they feel about being bullied. It is suggested that both should be used to clear the experiences people have had. Because EFT is a simple, easy and highly effective technique it can be used every day or just when people feel the need to build their resilience and emotional muscle. ‘Tap Bullies Away’ can be found in the Lifestyles category in the App Store and is available worldwide in English. Most importantly, don’t let bullying

destroy your life or the life of someone you know. If this app can make a difference to how you feel it’s worth giving it a try – and/ or seek an EFT therapist for more assistance. Facebook: tapbulliesaway Twitter: @tapbulliesaway

Food Coaching; Certificate Iv & Diploma

IF YOU LIKE helping people and you love food then this is the course for you. Professor Shirley Mcilvenny is a

nutritional doctor with an interest in natural therapies. ‘I saw so many patients who were suffering because of their poor diet and I didn’t have the time I knew they needed. So I set up the Food Coach Institute so people could train as food coaches and spread the message’. There are lots of people out there needing our help – chronic diseases, vitamin deficiencies, depression and anxiety – all these can be helped with the right diet. For example, lots of teenagers want to make

the choice to go vegetarian but they end up living on cereal and toast – vegetables don’t feature much. Many end up with frequent colds and flu because their immune system is struggling due to anemia and mineral deficiencies. They definitely need our help. • Learn all the latest nutrition – like healthy oils and the best vitamins for weight loss

• Get great coaching skills – NLP techniques to coach your clients to success

• Gluten-free & dairy-free diets – do’s/don’ts • Vegetarian diet – how to do it properly This is a wonderful opportunity to get

more clients into your health practitioner business and have more success with them. It’s also great for a new or home business. Choose online or 3 day intensive

workshop. Next workshop 27th-29th April, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast. Register at or call 1300 958 480. Many health practitioners want to give

nutritional advice but they don’t want to have the expense of doing a bachelor’s degree which often takes a long time and lots of study. The great advantage of this course is that it’s government certified, and with either the workshop or online course, the Cert IV can be completed in as little as 12 weeks. It’s a lot cheaper than a degree course, too. Professional indemnity insurance to give nutritional advice is easy to come by and the Certificate IV and Diploma courses give you a QTAC rank to get into university courses too.

Turn your passion for healthy eating into a great new business. Join our family of food coaches today!

Reflections intensive: channeling the energy of grace & wholeness

IN A QUANTUM REALITY we are in this universal field together. One of the basic principles enabling us to truly evolve is to encourage one another to be as bright and strong as we can be. Choosing a modality to experience or to

practise professionally is ultimately a personal matter of discernment and resonance. There is no need to deem one modality as more or less valuable than another. Even more importantly, there is no need to deem any one human being as more or less valuable than another. I believe that when we make these judgments, we impede our own evolutionary progress, both personally and collectively. Without a doubt, in quantum reality the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is amplified! Peggy Phoenix Dubro is co-author of

‘Elegant Empowerment, An Evolution of Consciousness’ and the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique® taught in more than 70 countries. She will present Reflections Intensive seminar in Melbourne on 19 March and Perth on 26 March.

Register: www.thesymbolworldwidestore. com/english/index.php/reflectionsworkshops Information: Melbourne – Justus Lewis PhD, Perth – Leonie Feast

16 years’ experience including LivingNow offi ces PH 03 5964 6903

With living water – the vibrant harmonising and energising effect of the water promotes detoxifi cation.

Michèle Wolff R.N. B.Sc, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionalist, Dip. Aroma, Dip. NLP Hyp, Dip. IHM, Reiki, Dip. col, Dip. Irid, Dip. A.T.

High tech machinery – water is gently introduced and will stop when it meets a blockage or the bowel muscle starts working.

Is it safe? Yes! – Equipment is disposableor sterilized. Water pressure is very low. Discomfort is minimal and most people find it a pleasant experience.

Personalised treatment – with a qualified (B.H.Sc) naturopath and registered nurse. You can enjoy the quiet or receive nutritional and herbal education.

Glass viewing tube – sometimes you can see matter that’s been there for years! Dignity – you’re covered up – no odour, all conatined within tubing.

The results – experience improved mental clarity. Helps heal constioation and I.B.S. A greater feeling of well-being and lightness. It helps many conditions, skin, hormonal system, arthritis, bowel conditions, headaches and sinus problems and much more.

GUARANTEE - after following our program if there is not a significant difference in your health we will refund your money

RING NOW FOR APPT 03 9584 7327

3 day Global Training Programme Become a Certified Divine Healing Hands Healer

MELBOURNE Live 30, 31 March and 1 April SYDNEY via webcast 10 am – 10pm

Be part of this profound global healer training event as 20 cities around the world simultaneously experience the power and transformational frequency of Divine Healing Hands. Transform your life and the lives of others.

Live with Master Sha and his World Wide Representatives Master Marilyn Smith and Master Trevor Allen 1300 339 6815


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Come and meet LINDA CLAIR Meditation & Dialogue

Thursday, March 29 7–9pm ($20) and

Sunday, April 1 9–12pm (booking required for this event)

KILBRIDE CENTRE 52 Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park

For enquiries and bookings please phone 0451 595 092


Non-Surgical FACELIFT TUA VISO is designed to firm, tone and lift

your face and neck without surgery or costly salon treatments.

Your facial skin is supported by almost 40 muscles and over time loses tone, volume and elasticity, causing sagging and skin ageing. TUA VISO’s micro-current technology will tone your facial muscles, rejuvenate your skin, help form collagen, elastin and increase circulation. TUA VISO is a unique facial exerciser and it does for the face what exercise does for the body. No amount of creams, injections or surgery will give the same results. Looking younger should be this safe and simple - naturally!


Tua Viso is ideal if you are 40+ and if you want toned radiant look. Tua Viso users are saying nothing else has given them the same dramatic results. Why don’t you find out if Tua Viso can help you too. Our 90 day satisfaction guarantee will ensure you are thrilled.

Contact Tua Zone for your obligation-free info pack FREECALL 1800 999 299 or visit

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