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multi-million pound upgrade project to ensure the Subway remains at the heart of the city for generations to come. The organisation’s Chairman, Jonathan

Findlay, said: “The Glasgow Subway is truly a national icon. It’s marvellous to think that it has been serving the city for well over a century and long before the First and Second World Wars. There are many cities across the country that would dearly love to have a transport asset as clean and green as the Subway and we are

FareGo – a strong brand for efficient fare management

On 15 February 2012, Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH officially presented its new brand FareGo for the first time to a wide specialist audience at the IT-TRANS exhibition in Karlsruhe. FareGo stands for complete systems

solutions for all fare management requirements in the public transport sector. “Our first-class portfolio of solutions is

characterised by innovation and high-quality. With FareGo we have now created a brand to reflect these values. This is also evidenced by the new, modern brand profile that is standardised throughout the world,” explains Matthias Augustyniak, Dipl.-Ing., Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH. The newly structured and packaged

portfolio supports these aims and offers the customer an integrated approach in the design of its fare management system. Moreover, the new brand presence and the modern product design should increase product recognition. The comprehensive brand architecture has

been consistently carried over to the entire portfolio. In keeping with the brand logic the previously separate products have been grouped

into product lines:  FareGo Data: Background system  FareGo Gate: Access control  FareGo Hand: Handheld terminals  FareGo Sales: Ticket sales  FareGo Val: Validators  FareGo Host: Managed services  FareGo Life: Life cycle services  FareGo Ops: Operator models for the entire fare collection management.

Scheidt & Bachmann has already presented four new products from the FareGo Sales, FareGo Val and FareGo Data lines at the brand launch at the IT-TRANS exhibition.

Eurotransport Volume 10, Issue 1, 2012

Modernisation will bring Glasgow’s Subway in line with other underground networks around the world

The Subway is central to life in

Glasgow and it is our duty at SPT to ensure it is in a position to still be

‘shoogling’ residents and visitors alike in another 115 years time

incredibly lucky in Glasgow that the city’s forefathers had the insight to build one – it’s worth remembering that it would take 400 extra double decker buses a day to carry the same number of people across the city.” He added: “The Subway has an amazing

history, from carrying over 500,000 people in one week to the famous Empire Exhibition in 1938 to surviving that German bomb in 1940. It ran without incident during the un - prece dented snowfall of winter 2010 and keeps the city moving when poor weather causes other modes of transport to struggle. We’ve been given a fantastic legacy from the Victorian era but over the last 115 years the Subway has changed enormously. It’s gone from being pulled by a cable to being electrified to being modernised with 70s technology, but we now

need to bring that to the 21st Century. We owe the Victorians that and it is why we at SPT are pushing ahead with work to modernise this amazing system.”

Multi-million pound upgrade In 2011, the Scottish Government approved SPT’s plans to carry out a multi-million pound upgrade of all 15 stations, bring in new ‘driverless’ trains and introduce electronic smartcard ticketing. Research has shown that £150 million could

be saved over a 30-year period through a reduction in operation and maintenance costs while patronage, currently 13 million a year, could reach 18 million. Work is ongoing at Hillhead Station in

Glasgow’s bustling west end to dramatically overhaul the station’s interior. Due to complete in summer 2012, it will become the flagship for further station upgrades across the whole Subway network. It will also feature a number of DDA enhancements including hearing loops, tactile maps, tactile paving and colour contrast flooring.

Courtesy of SPT

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