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Don’t miss the Lion Cub

Public Launch at the Como Zoo Saturday, September 10 at 10:30 a.m. outside the Lion Exhibit.

Over the last

three years: • The Lion Cub program has grown from 51 packs with 274 youth

participating to 134 packs with 612 youth participating.

• An average of 84% of all par- ticipants in the Lion Cub program

transitioned into Tiger Cubs.

• There are more fi rst, second, and third graders in these packs now than there were before the pilot began.

A New Scouting Program for Kindergarten Boys Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America, presents:

The Scouting Adventure Now Begins with Lion Cubs!

As the only council in the Boy Scouts of America offering this unique program, Northern Star Council’s Lion Cub program provides exciting indoor and outdoor activities specifi cally designed for kindergarten boys and their adult partner. Adult partners are there to support and guide, and allow the new Cub Scout to discover risks and rewards under adult supervi- sion. A Lion Cub learns by do- ing these things himself. As he learns and grows, the relationship with their adult partner grows as well. At the conclusion of their kindergarten year, the Lion Cub will transition to Tiger Cubs and continue on their journey through Cub Scouting.

Northern Star Council has seen this program meet our objec- tives and this fall we are taking things to the next level. By fully becoming part of the pack, Lion Cubs will be able to participate in all pack meetings and activi- ties, fundraising efforts, camp- ing programs, pinewood derby, and any other activity that the pack is involved in. It is very exciting!

Lion Cubs enter the “Cub-o-matic” during a graduation ceremony for Pack 3509. When the Cubs come out the other side they will have transitioned to Tiger Cubs.

With many other organizations offering Kindergarten age programs, the development of the Lion Cub pro- gram is critical for Scouting to regain relevancy in the market of youth activities. Offering a K-12 experience will demonstrate that we do not want to leave youth behind, and give all school aged youth the opportunity to choose Scouting from the long list of activities available to them.

Who are Lion Cubs?

• Lion Cubs are kindergarten boys. • Lion Cubs join with a parent or caring adult partner.

• Lion Cubs form dens of 6 to 8 Lion Cub pairs (boy and accompanying adult).

• Lion Cub dens are part of a Cub Scout Pack.

• Lion Cubs wear a special Lion Cub T-shirt to their activities.

• Lion Cubs move to the next Cub Scout level. (Tiger Cubs) at the end of kindergarten.

What do Lion Cubs Do? Lion Cubs use the Lion Cub Adventure Guide to explore

themselves, their homes, and their neighborhoods.

Adult Lion Cub members use the Activity Suggestion pages of the Adult Guide to plan family and den activities. Each of these Activity Suggestions has seven parts:

1. Family/Den activity 2. At-home Activity 3. Grand Adventure activity 4. Read-Together selections 5. Five year-old developmental information 6. Adult refl ection on parenting practices 7. Notes to Self on the activity completed

The Den of Lion Cubs and their adult partners typically meet together twice per month as a den and once a month as a Pack:

• Lion Cub dens will meet once a month for a den meet- ing (based upon one of the Family/Den activities).

• The second meeting each month for the Lion Cub dens will be a Grand Adventure outing.

• Family nights will be held periodically throughout the year. • Lion Cubs also attend the Cub Scout Pack meetings each month with all other dens.

For information about joining any of our programs call 763-231-7201 or visit A Navigator Special Edition

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