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opian Tribe er to Prayer

When he first visited the Gefat, Jona-

than Bernis was inspired as he listened to their elders tell their story . . . “These are Jews! . . . The remnant of Israel! They’ve retained their customs and traditions in isolation for hundreds and hundreds of years, and have been praying for help. Now we’re able to meet a whole new people group who God has promised He will reveal and restore in the Last Days!” Jonathan clearly sees the restoration of the outcasts of Israel as a Last Days’ regath- ering, in direct fulfillment of Bible proph- ecy, which is taking place on a worldwide scale: “As God is committed [by His Word] to regathering the outcasts of Israel that have been scattered since the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A.D., then there must be an identifying of these scattered tribes. We know about the Jews of the north—the Russian Jews—they have returned to Israel in large numbers. We know about other established communi- ties that have continued to be identified as Jews and have been recognized by Israel in almost every country of the world. The unique thing we are seeing now is

the uncovering of Jewish communities in places like Ethiopia, Somaliland, and Zim- babwe . . . communities such as the Bnei Menashe of Far Eastern India that have only come to the surface in the last thirty years, and have been recognized by Israel as having historic connections to the ancient people of Israel. These are commu- nities that have been hid- den from the world. This is

amazing and profound—it is a direct ful- fillment of Bible prophecy in our day!” What an unprecedented privilege it is to be a part of the restoration of the exiled of Israel—to minister comfort after her 2,000-year dispersion, and to proclaim her Messiah has come! Are you a medical professional? Could

you be an intercessor? Or are you simply a Believer with a heart to serve? JVMI’s first clinic to the precious Gefat of Woliso, Ethi- opia, February 25 - March 6, 2011 is your opportunity to touch the heart of God through this unique outreach. We will be offering free medical, dental, and eye care as an expression of the love of God, as well as offering prayer and sharing the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus)! Would you like to explore this oppor- tunity? Please see the back page of this magazine or go to our website for information about our Woliso medical outreach and to sign up:

Watch two short videos about our visit to the Gefat of Woliso, Ethiopia:

Unlock the QR code with your smart phone. See page 4 for details.

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