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THE HORSE GAZETTE NEW technology revolutionary treatment for colic

in the way colic is being treated? Can you imagine not having to haul your horse to the vet for a bout of colic? Have you expe- rienced the seemingly “forever” wait for the vet while your horse is writhing in pain? For most of us, making

Can you accept change

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• 60’ across • 15 panels 6’ high by 12’ long • All round stock • 6’ bow gate • Horizontally 8 bars, vertically 5 bars • Schedule 40 steel pipe • All 90 degree corners • 110 lbs. each panel

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a change requires a leap of faith… and when it comes to our animals, it’s a huge leap of faith to change a process or procedure regarding our animal’s health. Horse own- ers have a healthy skepticism and want to be sure new medical ideas are sound.

What would you say to someone who explained to you: 1. Through new tech-

nology there is a colic treatment that will stop and cure a bout of normal colic every time, without fail and has the power to dissolve an impaction, even if your horse is on the ground in pain. 2. You don’t need a

veterinarian to administer it – all you do is pour it in the horse’s mouth and let the horse rest com- fortably (if they are not rolling). 3. Within 15 to 30 min-

utes you are hearing gut sounds. 4. Within 45 - 90 min-

a 13 year shelf life - You can buy now, no fear of expiration. 6. Take on trips in your

utes or less your horse is eating like nothing ever happened. 5. Would you believe

glove box; it has no temperature control even on 100+ degree days.

dients – performance horses test drug free if colic day before or day of event – used in Canada on race horses for past 10 years. ECR can do no harm – this is your first line of defense.

Would you tell them this is “too good to be true” or “would you try it”?

Do you think a new form of colic treatment is needed? Did you ever won-

der when something would be developed to treat colic more effectively? In 2009, 31,792 horses died of colic in Louisi- ana, of those cases 29,999 were considered normal colics that could have been saved with ECR. 8,783 had elected surgery and died of complications. In Texas, 1.2 million horses died from symptoms of colic and assumed to be colic. These statistics were provided by employees working in Universities, Equine Research Medical Facilities, Department of Agriculture, and equine insurance companies.

Owners have been trusting Equine Colic Relief for 10 years.

partners in Canada, but it is and has been sought after, by some of the largest animal health product manufacturers in the world. This product is trusted by thousands of horse owners as well as holistic vets worldwide. Its users include racing farms, jumper venues, show and dressage farms, the Canadian Mounted Police, The Windsor Stud Farm belonging to the Queen of England and The Vienna Riding School, home of the beautiful White Lipizzan Stallions. The USLR, official Magazine of the Lipizzan Association, placed in their 2009 Fall Edition, a one page article about the product, as have Bridle and Bit, Today’s Horse Trader and countless other magazines attempting to notify their readers of its virtues. Since its release date in 1999, there have been articles and interviews with clients, not to mention clients filming the product working on their horses on DVDs, such as Gouch’s bout seen on www.

What is the difference between “normal” and “abnormal” bouts of colic? A “normal bout of

ECR started with 4 7. All natural ingre-

tumors or infected bowels. The statement made by its manufac- turers “It Has Never Failed To End a Normal Bout of Colic” is based on the product’s spotless record in ending a light sand fecal and/or fecal impaction, impaction based gas distention and mild spasmodic colic. Horses need motility to move impactions through. Article found on www. colic.htm UC Davis performed a study on muscle relaxants given to horses with impactions and stated that laboratory research- ers determined that NSAIDs (Nonsterodial anti-inflammatory drugs), such as phenylbutazone “bute” and banamine, decreased muscle contractions in one part of the intestine.

ECR is a combination of all natural ingredients. Kelp and Irish Sea

alive today.” Steve Reising of Marion, TX -

Farms Boarding Facility. Reising Star

“About a month ago, I was helping with feeding when the stable owner went out of state on vacation. When I went to feed, their16h Thoroughbred mare was on the ground showing obvious signs of colic. I ran to the barn and brought back a bottle of ECR. After coaxing her to her feet, I administered the entire bottle orally. I had heard the hype about ECR, but it wasn’t until I saw all 16 hands of Zelda up, alert and happy only 20 minutes later that I realized how revolutionary the product really is.” – Sarah Haynes, college student Seguin, TX.

Moss is used and is quickly absorbed through the lining of the horse’s stomach to enter the bloodstream. These ingredients working with the horse’s body fluids help soften and dissolve the impaction. A combination of ingredients: Magnesium, Phos- phorus, Potassium, Calcium D, Peppermint Oil, Vegetable Glyc- erin, and Purified Water; hydrate the bowel tissue, replace Ionic Solutions in the bowel muscles, dissipate Methane Gas and re- lieve pressure within the bowels. ECR also contains Molasses for flavor and Sorbitol for sweetness. All of the ingredients separately are approved for human or animal consumption by the FDA.

Testimonial within the last 1 - 2 months: Horse owners are discovering Equine Colic Relief and after using it once, they’re keeping it handy and telling their friends.

“Just wanted to let you know about our experience with ECR. On October 20,2010 we had just finished or ranch sorting prac- tice and we were checking on the horses in our barn (Cherry Creek Equestrian Center in Mt. Belvieu, Tx.). A 2 yr. old filly we have in training was down in her stall. She didn’t seem to be able to get up and was sweating and seemed to be distressed we got her to her feet and listened for gut sounds. She didn’t have any and we gave her the ECR and just like the label says within 10 minutes she had gut sounds was walking easily and the color was back in her gums. Awesome prod- uct!!!! Thank you very much we won’t be without it in our barn. “ Sincerely, Tee and Jacque Woolman. Tee Wollman has over $2 million in career earn- ing in the PRCA, 3Time World Champion, 6 Time NFR Aver- age Champion, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee.

“I saved my cutting horse broodmare, which is in foal, with Equine Colic Relief. I would highly recommend that you would give the product a try”. Dr. Bob Galloway is an Epidemiologist (study of diseases). He is a college professor and also owns Copperhead Hill Ranch Cutting Horses Kingsbury, TX

colic” is considered an impaction, light sand, gas or mild spasmodic. An “abnormal bout of colic” is horse with bowels that are twisted, torsion, knotted, ruptured or blocked by foreign object, excessive sand, gravel, stones,

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“A friend gave me a bottle of ECR to use if one of our horses coliced. The reason I did not purchase it was because I was so skeptical. But, I did take it, thinking that I could use it on an older horse that was boarded at our stable, because he had coliced before. But, to my surprise I ended up using it on our 5 year old Thoroughbred mare. My horse was colicing; she was lying down and rolling, when she was standing, she was heavily pawing at the ground because of her pain. I gave her the Equine Colic Relief and within 25 minutes we heard gut sounds. Since, the treatment worked so fast. I called my friend up and said I will pay you now for that bottle and I would like to purchase three more to keep on the shelf. My advice to any horse owner, go ahead and buy the bottle now. If they had not left that bottle with me, my horse may have not been

Equine Colic Relief from a friend. She told me about how her horse had been saved by using ECR. The next day I contacted the company and placed an order. I am so skeptical thinking it was one of those things that I wouldn’t have even tried it if Ann hadn’t told me it saved her horse. I was still resistant to change, but I had lost so many horses, it was worth a try. I didn’t tell anyone about the ECR until after I saw that it actually worked. A month after purchasing the product we found Pepe was on the ground in pain and would not come to his morning grain. We got Pepe to his feet and easily gave him the bottle of ECR. Pepe lay back down and we kept an eye on him while we finished haying the rest of the horses. Within 15 minutes Pepe was standing and within 45 minutes Pepe was nibbling at his hay and wanting us to feed him his grain too.

of town I leave instructions to our staff on how to administer and where the ECR is located. This gives me peace of mind. We also keep a bottle of ECR in our horse trailer so we’re ready, in case we have horse colic when we are on the road. I will never be without Equine Colic Relief; it’s not worth the risk.” I have never seen

anything like it. Since February 2010, we have now cured 5 of our horses which had severe cases of colic and 2 others with mild cases. We have told all our friends and through their horses ECR has saved an additional 8 more.

skeptical when I told them about the amazing results – they had a hard time believing what I was saying. So I was determined to get the message out and thought “seeing is believing”. So, I videoed the next colic we had and it is now available for you to watch at www.StopEquineColic. com. - Reba Martinez, Blue Streak Stables - Horsemanship Camps, Seguin, TX.

Has FDA tested Equine Colic Relief?

Relief / ECR has never been approved by the FDA, they state in accordance with the FDA laws as follows: “These statements and or claims we or anyone else has and/or have made on our website, in our ads and/or on our product label, have not been evaluated our product label, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to be sold for and/or to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, and/or prevent a disease in equines.” That being stated, colic is not classified by the Association of Veterinarian medicine as a disease; it is a condition.

is risky business, because a new direction is unknown. Horse owners are hopeful, yet fearful. Should they take a chance? Yes! It does work, and it works quickly. As horse owners we need to spread the word. Ask your feed store and veterinarian to carry Equine Colic Relief. You can watch an

actual video of a horse being saved with ECR at www. For more information or to purchase, call 800-448-8180.

Visit us at: Taking a leap of faith Since Equine Colic My friends were so When we travel out I found out about

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