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A few of the hundreds of horses successfully treated by Pam Fisher:

• Bennequick - A 17.1-hand gelding with a bowed tendon, Bennequick was treated with therapy equipment and diet supplements. After 5 months, Bennequick started to jump again to place second at Fair Hill in the preliminary division.

• Directing - An allowance runner who came to Ruffian Stables for therapy after tendon splitting surgery at New Bolton Center, Directing was back in full training in four months compared to the usual eight.

• Crafty Belle - Owned by Jimmy Iselin in New York, Crafty Belle suffered an odd fracture that defied conventional treatments.

Veterinarians recommended that the horse would be useful only as a broodmare. She was treated twice a day for three to four hours and returned to competition to win five races in a row.

• D’Accord - Owned and competed by dressage master Eicke Von Velthiem, D’Accord had been diagnosed with a severely torn suspensory. Veterinarians suggested that the horse should be donated for research. After one year of therapy, D’Accord went back to compete at his previous level.

A Laying On of Hands & Heart

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horses’ nutritional program that humans ingest, including flax seed, Omega-3 fatty acids, multivitamins and oats. She also uses homeopathic remedies, liquid glucosamine for joint health and aloe vera juice, arnica and calendula for healing injuries.

Te latest tool in Pam’s restorative arsenal is an infrared light therapy device, used to heal damaged tissue, stimulate acupuncture and trigger points, tone tissue and increase circulation in areas being treated, while minimizing the chance of hemorrhaging fresh wounds or recent surgical sites.

As an example of light therapy’s therapeutic power, Pam spoke about healing a large laceration in a horse’s side. After only five days, the wound looked as though it was already two weeks old.


Horsemen know that problems

often start from the feet!

Abscess Concussion Bruised Feet 3 MONTH RENTALS

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Holistic Horse™ • August/September 2010 • Vol.16, Issue 68 has what you need for the Horse or Pony suffering with Laminitis or Insulin Resistance

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