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HANGAR TALK Aerolite Offers $40,000

Pledge Of Support To MedEvac Foundation International

Aerolite Max Bucher AG and its U.S. subsidiary, Aerolite America LLC, have presented a $40,000 donation to MedEvac Foundation International, as part of the companies’ dual commitment to advancing air-medical safety worldwide through national and international research and education projects and globally focused air-medical-transport- related charity endeavors. “As a leading independent designer and manufacturer of helicopter and fixed wing air- craft interior solutions, Aerolite’s overriding goal is to ensure that all aspects of air- medical transport – including clinical functionality, ergonomics and configuration of the transport medicine cabin – are as safe for patients and crews as possible,” said Aerolite CEO and President Max Bucher. “And one way of achieving that goal is by inte- grating relevant research and education findings into the final interior design. That is one reason why we are happy to lend our financial support to MedEvac Foundation International in its quest to


enhance the safety and quality of air-medical transport through timely, integrated and solution- focused education and research grant initiatives.” With locations in Switzerland and a sub- sidiary in the United States, Aerolite is known worldwide for its safe, superiorly designed med- ical helicopter and fixed- wing aircraft interiors and advanced medical system and equipment integra- tions. “We would like to thank Aerolite Max Bucher AG and Aerolite America LLC for their generous donation, which was made during a recent interna- tional conference planning ses- sion held in Grindelwald, Switzerland,” said MedEvac Foundation International Chair Kevin Hutton, MD. FACEP. “This funding helps support the mission and vision of the Foundation, which is to empower people and organiza- tions to make a difference in medical transport across the globe, and to advance global medical transport through research, education, outreach and charitable services.”

Aerolite’s $40,000 donation will help with implementing the MedEvac Foundation’s: • 2010 research and educa- tion grants, which include the study of fatigue in medical helicopter crewmembers, crisis resources in medical trans- port, building an online air-medical transport cur- riculum, and appropriate


utilization in response to medevac helicopter trauma- scene requests;

• Family Grant Fund, which provides financial assistance to families following a fatal air-medical crash; and

• Children’s Scholarship Fund, which supports high- er education for children who have lost a parent or guardian as a result of an air-medical accident. MedEvac Foundation International, formed by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), is a 501(c) 3 entity that focuses on charitable research and educational endeavors related to air-medical and critical-care ground trans- port. For details, or to apply for a grant or donate to the Foundation, contact Amber Bullington at 703-836-8732 or, or visit About MedEvac Foundation International –The MedEvac Foundation International is the first organization of its kind to engage, mobilize and empower people and organizations to

make a difference in medical transport worldwide. Through research, education, outreach, and charitable services, we seek to improve the safety, quality and delivery of medical trans- portation for patients every- where.

About Aerolite Max Bucher

AG and Aerolite America LLC Aerolite Max Bucher AG, is a leading, independent designer and manufacturer of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft interior solutions for a variety of air- frames. Since its foundation in 1995, Aerolite has delivered over 250 EMS interiors to cus- tomers worldwide. Aerolite has also become a leading EMS interior supplier for the Agusta AW109 Grand and AW139, Eurocopter EC135 and EC145 and MD Helicopters MD902 airframe. A medical interior system for the Bell 429 is cur- rently being developed. With locations in Switzerland and a subsidiary in the US, Aerolite is known for its quality medical, para-public and VIP interiors. More information is available at

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