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Relocation 53

Essential supplies arrive in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The trailer unloaded from a United States of America C-17 aircraft and will later be moved to its rightful location. Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA) and the Canadian Forces are working in conjunction with Tim Horton’s to improve the well being of the Canadian troops while stationed in Afghanistan.

Photo by Sergeant Carole Morissette

mail. When we move often we connect people we knew on previous postings and that always helps. KS: This is their first move, after spending their whole life in Nova Scotia. The good thing is that our families are here so that made it better. They did adapt okay but it takes a while.!

MM: Do they understand the severity of his situation? JHB: Yes. They understand that there is risk in everything - a truck can hit you on the 401. They understand that Daddy is trained in what he does and he doesn't take unnecessary risks. KS: They don't watch the news, but likely know about the Canadian soldiers!being brought back who have died. We don't really talk about it but I am glad he's a pilot and not in!the army.

MM: How openly do you talk to your children about military life in general and its implications? JHB: We do talk openly about military life and it's various aspects - the advantages and disadvantages - age appropriate of course. KS: One of my boys thinks he wants to be a pilot but at this point, we haven't had deep discussions about!military life. It's been a difficult career for my spouse with constant testing and stresses and I don't know if he'd recommend!it for the boys. At least he'd have some advice to pass on if they did join. I would!not!encourage them to join the army, for sure.! MM: Do they have regular contact with their father whilst he is away? JHB: Modern technology has made things much easier that’s for sure. We can email and keep pretty

much up to date with him. We also have a webcam and the children can see their Daddy on the computer and know he is safe and well. KS: Yes, by video chat. Even with the eight hour time change it works okay.!My spouse is diligent about it though. MM: Any final words? JHB: If you have kids it is a good idea to make

sure you know which vaccinations they have or haven’t had. Each province is different as far as when they vaccinate and by moving from one province to another your child might miss a vaccine or be in danger of receiving one twice. I keep a record of who has had what and when, so that when I get notified by the school of an impending vaccination I know if it is required. Likewise if we move to a different province and the children of their age group have already received certain vaccines that my children haven’t, I can arrange with a doctor for it to be done. KS: I realize now, at this age, that I don't have my childhood friends any more, like a lot of people do. We have been gone from Ontario for 14 years and

are now an hour from where we grew up. Some of my friends still play baseball and golf together and I am sad I no longer have that. It is hard to meet friends at my age and often people forget to welcome newcomers as they have their own set of friends.

When the boys complained about missing their friends, I told them I missed my friends too and didn't have any new friends yet either. It was harder than I thought in that way.

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