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TAHC & TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine Team Up for TeXas veterinary emergency team

eration with the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC,) the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, has

AUSTIN - In coop-

A&M faculty, resident veteri- narians, veterinary technicians and veterinary students who have completed a disaster medi- cine elective. The team is fully self-sufficient with their own

at either large or small animal issues.

responsible for dealing with animals affected by disasters, the Texas Animal Health Com- mission has done an outstand-

By Karen Brown, © 2010 “As the lead agency nais: still lurking in back rooms

deployable under the state animal response plan in a di- saster situation where there is need for additional veterinary assessment, triage and care. Currently the team is made up of 13 members and consists of

recently developed a mobile Veterinary Emergency Team (V.E.T.) to respond to disasters that affect animals state-wide. The new team is

lodging, food, generators and supplies for responders. Their equipment includes two large climate-controlled tents, one multi-purpose trailer and one clinic trailer with limited surgi- cal capability. The team also has obtained trucks to haul trailers and equipment, as well as an ambulatory medicine truck. Team members are divided into strike teams that can be targeted

ago all funding was cut from the National Animal Identifica- tion System (NAIS) budget for 2011. Rightly so, as over $147 million in tax dollars have been spent with zero positive results. For those who are new to the issue, the NAIS plans called for every livestock animal, including horses, to be tagged and their movements reported to a government database. Horses were to be identified with microchips. Although USDA has stated that it is backing away from the NAIS plans, some kind of animal identification program is still being pursued by the USDA

Only a few months

can be attributed almost en- tirely to the nationwide grass roots opposition spanning the six years that NAIS has been in the public eye. Among the mul- titude of objections to NAIS is that it is a reactive program, providing absolutely no means for prevention of disease. It is nothing more than a monstrous, expensive, cumbersome back tracking system—that, in many species, duplicates systems already in place. The USDA has con-

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and private stakeholders such as Allflex and Digital Angel. The loss of funding

$8.5 Million Commitment by the San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc.

--- With the support of over 1.3 million patrons who attended the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo this past February, along with numerous sponsors and the over 5,000 loyal volun- teers, the Rodeo will commit another $8.5 million towards education. This brings the total contributions since inception to a staggering $105 million. This


amount represents scholarships, grants, endowments, junior livestock and art auctions, Calf Scramble program, and show premiums paid to youth in the State of Texas. Keith Martin, Executive Director and CEO, made the announcement during the organization’s Annual Life Member meeting, May 18th

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Volume Fourteen - Issue Twelve August 2010

ing job of developing one of the premiere animal issues in disasters plans in the country. TAHC personnel have brought together an impressive array

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