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THE HORSE GAZETTE color wheel with prism gray is only a modifier of color

that I am wanting to breed to a gray stallion or to a palamino. I haven’t decided which stud to breed to yet, what color chances do I have with these two stal- lions? – Marty, submitted via

other story. Gray is not a color but a “Modifier” of colors in that with time it will change all colors to gray/white. Without knowing the birth/base color of the gray there is no way to predict the color of offspring

easy one – the Palomino. All red horses (Sorrel, Chestnut, Palomino, Cremello) are homo- zygous for the red color gene. The Sorrel is homozygous for red and will only pass a red gene to offspring. The Palomino is homozygous for the red gene and will only pass a red gene to offspring. The Palomino also carries one copy of the dilute/cream gene and there is a 50% chance of his passing that dilute gene along. The foal will be a red foal (homozygous for the red genes) but should the Palomino pass the dilute/cream gene it will be a palomino. So the offspring of the Sorrel and Palomino will either be a Sorrel or a Palomino. The gray is a whole

Dear Marty, Let’s start with the

Dear Prism, I have a sorrel mare

which could be produced by this cross.

the issue we don’t know if the gray is homozygous for gray (carries two gray genes) or heterozygous for gray (carrys one gray gene). If the stallion is homozygous for gray all of his offspring will eventually gray out. If the stallion is heterozy- gous for gray then approx. 50% of his offspring will gray out. - Prism

Dear Prism, I bred a grey mare,(

To further complicate

she looks white but has tiny sorrel flecks if you look really close and hard), She is bred to a bay stallion, his background is prominently bays. Just curious about the possible colors for the foal.

gray mare was bred to a gray 2 yrs ago and to my surprise she had a sorrel filly. That filly is now a dark, almost chestnut color with a gray chin, gray hairs showing up throughout her mane/tail, body and face ...she is 12 months now. Can I call her a gray? Thanks so much. Tamara, submitted via HorseGazette. com

The above mentioned

rel filly, from what you describe and without photos showing the gray hairs I would venture a guess she is turning gray. Some of the tell tail signs of turning gray would be gray hairs around the eyes, the eyelashes being light or gray and gray hairs at the base of the ears, in the flank and coming in throughout the mane/tail. - Prism

Dear Prism, I am looking to bread

my gray mare and I want to know what colors I will get with different color studs. Mark Silvey, submitted via HorseGa-

Dear Mark,

birth/base color of your gray mare we really can’t venture a guess as to foal colors with any accuracy. Remember, gray is a modifier of color not a color in

Dear Tamara, On the breeding of the


teaching teachers in new zealand By Mary Rose, FBHS © 2010

Training without force

horse trainers/riding instruc- tors has been a large part of my life for the past 40 years so I was particularly pleased to ac- cept an invitation from Elaine Rutherford, the Head Coach (Instructors are called ‘coaches’ in New Zealand) and Centre Manager of Arion Riding Centre in Christchurch in the South Island to conduct a training day in March.

is part of The National Trade Academy of New Zealand. They offer a wide range of equine qualifications and are rightly proud of their facilities at McLeans Island in Christ- church. The Centre has been specially designed and built to provide a range of popular rid- ing disciplines including a full size all weather dressage arena, a 60m x 60m all-weather jump- ing arena and a cross country schooling area as well as access to some beautiful forest trails and comfortable lecture rooms. I was most interested

Arion Riding Centre Teaching aspiring

to see how horses are housed and managed in New Zealand. The climate is mild and the grass grows for about eleven months of the year. Although Arion and other facilities I visited have some box stalls available, most horses live in small groups in

36 week Stable Practice course (Instructor training) is assigned horses to care for. The course Instructor, Kevin Lawrence is a BHSI and Elaine, the Head Coach and Centre Manager is also from England with an im- pressive list of past experience and qualifications. The Pony Club is very much in evidence in New Zealand and is where most young riders gain their first experience. Arion offers a range of services to the Pony Club, the general public and particularly to the student in- structors who come on the long courses. Many of the students I spoke to planned to stay on after their 36 week Stable Practice Course to take part in a second 36 week Sport Horse course. The instruction offered is very comprehensive and students are enrolled from many different countries including France and other European countries in ad- dition to Japan, Australia, and other Far East countries. The students were

interested to hear about the

large paddocks or fields and are brought in to be fed. For feed- ing times the horses are put into individual metal pipe pens. At Arion the pens are regular stall size, 12’ x 12’. The horses are brought in, groomed and fed by the students every day. Each student on the

my day with the Arion staff and students and was delighted when they invited me back to teach a clinic soon. I look for- ward to that with pleasure.

tion you can contact Mary at 512-589-3796 (Cell) or at 512-894-4536 or visit: www.

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“American” system and were surprised that we have no Na- tional Instructional system and that it’s perfectly legal for some- one with no real training to hang out a shingle and proclaim themselves Riding Instructors. I pointed out the huge size of the United States compared to New Zealand and the efforts being made by the USDF and the USEF towards education. We had lively discussions about the importance of role models and mentors, the passion and dedication and love of horses we instructors all share. We dis- cussed the importance of classi- cal principles, always thinking of the welfare of the horse and inspiring our students. There were questions about short cuts - which I had to tell them don’t work - and various current fads. And dissatisfaction and sadness expressed about judges who tolerate horses being short in the neck and behind the vertical. I thoroughly enjoyed

and of itself. – Prism You can view more

gray mare it is difficult to predict foal colors without knowing

Prism questions and answers at

Without knowing the

what color the mare was born. If we assume the mare was born Sorrel/Chestnut and you bred her to a bay then the resulting foal could be sorrel, bay, black with a 50% chance of turning gray with age. As to the yearling sor-

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