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By Scot Tolman

that I’m obsessed with breeding. Well, this time of year, I’m addicted to porn, stallion porn that is. Now don’t get nervous. There’s nothing kinky going on here. It’s just that in lieu of something more traditionally titillating—no pun intended—to members of my gender, I prefer watching videos of dressage tests, free movement, and training sessions. On with the story. You see, my wife travels almost every week for business, so we have nightly phone conversations. One night this week, Carol was telling me about the school she had worked in that day, and I was… multitasking (my laptop is on the counter beside the phone). Yes, although I had turned down the volume, she could still hear the cheesy background music and the heavy breathing (mine). “Are you watching stallion videos?” “Ah, no. It’s a pop up. I was just checking my email.” “You’re on Youtube, watching stallion videos, while we’re


talking on the phone.” “It’s not Youtube.” I can’t help myself, and, honestly, I don’t want to help

myself. The process: endlessly search the web for new video footage of old stallions or video footage of stallions that are new to the international scene; rewatch and compare my favorite Don Schufro footage with Diamond Hit footage, with Sandro Hit footage, with sons of Sandro Hit and Diamond Hit footage (now substitute Jazz, Krack C, Rubinstein, Kostolany, or almost any other famous Warmblood dressage stallion and his sons, brothers, and grandsons); search out articles about and interviews with famous breeders, trainers, and riders about bloodlines, favorite horses, and training issues—then Google all of the horses they’ve talked about to research their pedigrees; analyze and think about my own mares and my picks for this year, and my picks for the resulting foals from my picks from this year…it’s a full time job and someone’s got to do it. It might as well be me. I prefer to think of my addiction like this: Porn with a

purpose. Earlier today, during the research phase of writing this column (yes, research—how am I going to write about obsessing over stallion porn without actually obsessing over it?), on the English site of the KWPN website, I found an interview with Jan and Anna Schuil, breeders of the current dressage phenomenon, Totilas (Gribaldi x Glendale x Akteur). Jan Schuil is a retired veterinarian. He and his wife did not

90 January/February 2010

f you’ve been reading Warmbloods Today cover to cover during its inaugural year, you probably know

set out to be breeders. In the beginning, they bought three or four young horses each year, raised them, started them themselves, and then sold them as sport horses. By the time they decided to start their own breeding program, they had raised and started dozens of horses, competed numerous horses to third level, attended the annual stallion licensings in three different countries, and had the benefit of Jan’s years of observations as an equine veterinarian. These are interesting people with an interesting, and obviously successful, approach to breeding. Well, of course, after reading about the Schuils’ breeding philosophy and realizing we have a common belief in the importance of pedigree and appropriate pedigree blending for producing sport horses, I had to go back and watch Edward Gal and Totilas yet again. Then, and this must seem like the natural course of action, I searched the web for any footage I hadn’t already seen of Gribaldi, Kostolany, Glendale, and Akteur. Doesn’t this seem appropriate and logical to you? Next, I began the evaluation of how these bloodlines and breeding matches compare and relate to mares in my program and how I can use this information in making my stallion picks this year and my stallion picks for the fillies I keep as a result of the stallion picks I tentatively made today. What else would any reasonable, sane, breeding and pedigree obsessed human being do? Am I wrong here? Do I need to be feeling so defensive about the hour and a half I didn’t even know had gone by? “Scot?” (Carol’s home—it’s the weekend, and I’m supposed to be outside spending quality time working in the barn and giving her a mini lesson on her mare.) “Ah, yes, Carol?” “What are you doing?” “Nothing.” “What are you looking at?” “Nothing.” “I thought you were coming outside.” I refuse to be beset with guilt. Nonetheless, I quickly click out of Youtube, log out, close my laptop, and utter the two words that have done more to preserve long-lasting marriages than any other: “Yes, dear.”


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