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We marched, over at Ellington Field. And it was funny because the Generals and Colonels and everything

had never pinned wings on women before. Went up on the stand to have the…This General just didn’t re- ally know how to grab my shirt and pin the wings on. I think he was afraid he was going to puncture me, or something. And so, fi nally, he was really having a lot of trouble, so he handed the wings to Jackie Cochran. And she pinned them on me.

Betty Takaberry Blake, 43-1

Jacqueline Cochran gave me my wings, and that was a moment of great achieve- ment. Believe it or not, they [the silver wings] were cold, and I don’t know why. It was a hot day, because it was Septem- ber 11th in Texas. She shook hands with her right hand, and then she presented the wings with the left hand, and I re- member squeezing and saying, “I did it!”

Dawn Rochow Seymour, 43-5

Well, you can tell how

proud I was that day. I was beaming from ear to ear , “I MADE IT, I MADE IT. THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU LORD!”

Doris Tanner, 44-4

Uncle Boyd Russel pins on Doris Tanner’s wings.

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