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Passion Islam I June 2010


UK author doubts Cameron support for Palestinians


The newspaper advertisement which was published in the “Jewish Chronicle” made seven pledges to Israel and Britain’s Jewish community in favour of the Israeli war criminals to be able to “visit UK without fear of arrest and imprisonment”. In it, the Tories vowed to “amend” the universal jurisdiction “at the earliest opportunity to enable Israelis to visit the UK.”

A British author and peace activist says he doubts the new British government led by David Cameron would take a “single step” in favour of Palestinians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

John Rees told IRNA on the anniversary of the establishment of the illegitimate regime of Israel (Nakba) that supporting Israel has been the “traditional stance of the Conservative Party” for years. “The new Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has already made it clear that he is very close to Israel. So I think that we could expect them to be very strong supporters of Israel and not the friends of Palestinians,” he said.

Referring to the support given

to the Palestinians by peace organisations such as the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Rees said the Palestinians will have to rely on “their friends in the anti-war movement”. He reiterated that the

Conservatives have “always been a party closest to the military and the political establishment so I think they will do exactly what the Americans want them to do with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” “The Labour government policy was very bad and unfair. I expect the Conservatives policy to be worse,” he said, referring to the advertisement published by the Conservative Party during the recent election campaign in support of

Man charged over Warsi eggs incident

A man has been charged with a public order offence after Baroness Warsi was pelted with eggs in the street, police said. The attack took place when Lady Warsi, now chair of the Conservative Party, visited Luton on November 30 last year. Then shadow

minister for community cohesion and social action, she was touring the Bury Park area with a Tory election

candidate when she was targeted.

After the incident, she conducted a question and answer session with local residents with egg still in her hair.

Gavin Reid, 23, of Green Close, Luton, was charged with an offence under the Public Order Act, Bedfordshire Police said.

Lady Warsi, who became minister without portfolio last

week, is the first female Muslim Cabinet minister.

The Dewsbury-born

former solicitor replaced Eric Pickles as chair of the Tory party after the General Election. Nigel Huddleston, the Conservatives’ prospective Parliamentary candidate for Luton South who was with Lady Warsi at the time of the egg attack

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Saturday gathered outside David Cameron’s office demanding his support for the Palestinians on the 62nd anniversary of Nakba. Protestors also handed a letter in to the PM Office in the 10 Downing Street to urge the new British government to pledge support to the Palestinian cause and peace in the Middle East.

Peace activists want an end to British arms trade with Israel, suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement and an end to the Israeli siege on Gaza as well as a promise by the new British government to support bringing Israeli war criminals to justice. - IRNA


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