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Passion Islam I June 2010


Hague calls again for lifting Israeli blockade on Gaza

British Foreign Secretary William Hague stressed again that the international community needs to work

with Israel to try to find a way of lifting the blockade on Gaza that the flotilla was trying to break.

He told the BBC that “somehow the restrictions on Gaza need to be lifted without compromising Israels security”. Hague underlined that there is clearly a strong united international demand for this to be done, for UN Security Council resolution 1860 to be implemented, allowing access for aid and indeed access for commercial goods in to Gaza. “I think that the strength of that demand is greater than ever before. We will all have to work together to find the mechanisms that allow

that to happen, to ensure that there is such access to Gaza while not access for the smuggling in of weapons in to Gaza. So, should Israel expect us all to come up with ideas about that, to try to find mechanisms for that,” he said.

But he made it clear that “the important thing, above all, is that they lift the restrictions that are counterproductive from Israels point of view, that are not contributing to Israels security, but quite probably damaging her long term security”. KUNA

Turkey: Punish Israel for massacre

The Turkish prime minster says Israel must be punished for the ‘massacre’ it committed aboard the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla aid ships. “The bloody massacre Israel carried out against ships carrying aid to Gaza deserves condemnation,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

The premier who was addressing lawmakers from his ruling Justice and Development Party added that “nobody should test Turkey’s patience.” The Israeli navy

assaulted the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy killing at least 20 activists, mostly Turkish nationals, and injuring 50 others, Palestinian sources reported.

The invasion took place as the convoy was still in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, 150km (90 miles) off the Gaza coast.

Denouncing the Israeli

raid, the Turkish premier also urged the international community to punish the Israeli regime for the “bloody massacre.” “The insolent,

irresponsible and impudent attack by Israel, which went against law and trampled human honor underfoot, must definitely be punished,” he charged. Erdogan promised a proper response to the Israeli attacks on the international convoy. The Freedom Flotilla was carrying hundreds of activists and journalists and thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to the impoverished people of Gaza, which is under blockade for three years. Some 487 activists

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