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Passion Islam I January 2009 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 3
Al-Sudais asks Muslims to
rally behind Palestinians
In his Friday speech, Imam of the He added that the Prophet (peace In his sermon at the Prophet’s
Grand Mosque Sheikh Abdul Rahman be upon him) asked the believers to Mosque in Madinah, Sheikh Salah
Al-Sudais appealed to international be patient and optimistic at times of Al-Budair expresses grief over the
bodies to take steps to ensure an hardships. “The great prophets of pitiable state of Muslims in Palestine
immediate cease-fire in Gaza and Islam achieved their goals against where people are being massacred,
condemned state-sponsored terrorism all odds with their optimism, hope, buildings destroyed and lands
against innocent people. patience, strong faith and prayers.” grabbed by Israel.
“On behalf of all Muslims in the He told the people of Gaza that the He stressed the need for greater
world we call on the international Hijrah new year was the right occasion unity and mutual support and called
community and other organizations to keep their hopes alive. “Let us begin on the believers to offer all possible
to immediately stop this Zionist the new year of the Hijrah calendar assistance to the people of Gaza. “Is
terrorism,” Al-Sudais said. hoping for good news because the it befitting to the Muslims, who are
He further urged all Muslim blessed Hijrah of the Prophet (pbuh) the largest in the world in terms of
countries to rally behind the inspired the succeeding generations population and richest in resources,
Palestinians and offer them help. with optimism and hope for great to throw their brethren to the mercy
Addressing the Palestinians, he achievements,” he said. of a bunch of wolfish Jews?” Sheikh
said, “Brothers in faith, be optimistic, He also underscored the Al-Budair said, adding that the “world
you will be victorious with the help of significance of Muharram, the first is being ruled by a jungle law.”
Allah. Dawn breaks after the darkness month of the new year. “It was in He told the Muslims to unite
of the night. Muharram that Allah’s Messenger because “it is the duty of people of
Relief will come after the misery,” Musa (pbuh) achieved victory over Islam to strengthen themselves with
he said. Quoting a verse from the the mighty tyrant Pharaoh,” he said. mutual support so that they can protect
Holy Qur’an, he said, “So lose not He also commended the efforts of the their land, holy places and religion
heart, nor fall into despair, for you will Saudi government and people to help particularly at times of calamities and
gain mastery if you are true in faith.” Gazans. disasters.”
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