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18 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I January 2009
Dajjal - The Dark Messiah
‘…But I will tell you something which no Prophet has told his people.
Verily he (Dajjal) is one-eyed and Allah is not one-eyed.’(Bukhari)
The change in the weather had asked, the man said, ‘Alas, my time frightening image of possibilities.
been sudden and dramatic, tossing is near.’ In this article, I intend to unveil
the small fishing vessel around like The companions managed to get the first aspect; the individual. The
a piece of flotsam; until it was no off the island and returned home Book of Revelations by John (New
more than that. Its crew, a group of safely. Upon arriving, they told Testament) contains prophecies
Sahaabah radiyallahu anhum (the their story to the Prophet (peace & regarding the Anti-Christ. However,
companions of the Holy Prophet blessings be upon him). It was then over the times, many alterations have
Muhammad , peace & blessings be that they first heard of Dajjal, the Dark occurred in the original text and the
upon him), were washed up onto the Messiah. commentaries have deviated from the
shore of a foreign beach. There are three aspects of Dajjal: actual meanings. That and the lack
When they regained consciousness, 1. The individual of consistency have left it in doubt
they found that they all had survived 2. A world wide social and cultural of reliability and accuracy. Hence,
the wreck. They decided to explore phenomenon there only remains the Hadith of the
the island to see whether they could 3. An unseen force. Noble Prophet Muhammad (peace &
find someone to help them, maybe The latter two aspects of Dajjal have blessings be upon him) as the only
supply them with a boat. been explained and outlined brilliantly accurate source of information.
It wasn’t long before they met a by Ahmed Thomas in his book ‘Dajjal In a Hadith narrated by Imran
woman washing her hair in a rock - The King Without Clothes.’ Through ibn Hussain radiyallahu anhum, the
pool. She directed them to a cave, intense research, he has managed Prophet (peace & blessings be upon
managing to convey to them that to write a brilliant account of scary him) said, ‘Since the birth of Adam till
there was someone there who wanted facts that bring home the full weight the advent of Qiyaamah (Judgement
to speak with them. Intrigued, they of reality. He explains the social and Day) there is no fitnah (tribulation)
entered the cave. cultural phenomenon as a system much greater than that of Dajjal.’
Within, they found a short man that is being prepared by the minions (Muslim)
with only one eye, chained to the and followers of Dajjal, through In anyone’s book, Dajjal is the
cavern wall. Right away, he began to which he will operate and spread his embodiment of evil. A wise man
ask them questions, whether certain evil. The Unseen Force is defined once said, ‘Know your enemies and
events had taken place or not. They as the supernatural beings, such keep them close to you. By knowing
answered truthfully because of their as Djinns and UFO’s, who abduct them, you know your weakness, thus
nature. They could feel the evil of this and posses humans to further his neutralising their potency.’ There are
man like a physical presence. When cause. Contemporary books such as many Hadith which describe Dajjal’s
they had confirmed all that he had ‘Omen’ and ‘Body Snatchers’, paint a appearance, his height and his
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