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Research Information
Leader: Siân Harris
The magic of libraries
News 4-10
My children enjoy watching a British
•Consumers drive book digitisation
television programme called ‘The Story
•Journal launch rate continues to rise
Makers’. It stars two loveable puppets that
•New association champions open-access live in a library. All day they hide behind
publishing the shelves and watch what the children
•Authors, publishers and Google agree
are doing. Then, once the doors are closed,
on copyright
they imagine stories based on all that they’ve
Preservation community calls for action 12
seen. When morning comes, the library
Siân Harris reports back from the iPRES 2008
users are happy to see the resulting new
books on the shelves, but never seem to give
much thought to the mysterious way that
Extending the power of the link 15
they got there.
When it comes to linking in future web
Sometimes I wonder if this is how real
systems, people should look to the past
Library management systems
library users view libraries, even when the
embrace change 20
Publishers urged to do more to be green 16-17
resources have been similarly tailored to
How publishers could address environmental
their interests and needs. This is particularly
concerns better true when users remotely access electronic
Profile 18-19
This issue of Research Information has
Bloomsbury is launching an open-access
monograph imprint, writes John Murphy
a special focus on a key component of
managing the complicated resources within
Library management systems a library. On pages 20-24, experts from
embrace change 20-24
different providers of library management
Siân Harris speaks to a range of library
systems give their thoughts on integration,
management system companies to find
federated searching, value for money and
out what libraries want from them
Preservation community calls
enabling libraries to serve their users better.
Growth slows, but new technology for action 12
We also take a look at the new
holds promise 27-29
Bloomsbury Academic (page 18). Its parent
Market analyst David Mort looks at the company is famous as the publisher of the
fortunes of the European STM industry hugely successful Harry Potter books, and
the new imprint hopes to work similar
Product review 30
magic in its new sector, open-access research
Mhari Duncan tries out the new EndNote
X2 from Thomson
monographs. We also report back from
recent international conferences where the
Products 33-34 topics included digital preservation (page
12), Web 2.0 linking (page 15) and green
Diary 37
publishing (page 16). Look out in the next
Interview 38
Publishers urged to do more
issue for more news of the latest trends as we
Steve Leicht, chief operating officer of
to be green 16
report back from Online Information 2008.
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