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A difficulty in Christendom “Do science and religion conflict? It’s all how you ‘see’ it” (December, page 10) points out a great difficulty in Christendom. We have imposed on the Scriptures a halo that it never intended to wear. For 500-plus years, we have been privileged to examine the ways in which our earth and uni- verse really exist, quite in contrast to the version of such contained in the Bible. It’s time to rejoice in these great insights. The Rev. James R. Swanson Onamia, Minn.

Good information In 2011-12 our church was involved in a tumultuous time concerning the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly decisions. I was and still am a coun- cil member at my ELCA church. My brother in Colorado gifted me a sub- scription to The Lutheran, saying it had a lot of good information. I can- not tell you how much I appreciated all the correct information I gained in The Lutheran. I have referenced The Lutheran in many meetings. It helped growth. The Lutheran is and always will be an important part of my life. Larry W. Johnson Valley Springs, S.D.

Common sense A few questions regarding the Rev. David Hansen’s article “168 hours in a week …” (January, page 38): Is his advice on being genuine when preaching, avoiding delivering ser- mons too short or too long, using one’s body language to better com- municate one’s message, and boldly proclaiming the gospel not all stan- dard instruction in seminary homi-

A force in Iowa When the new Star Wars movie made its December debut, congregations, pastors and organists across the ELCA used it as an opportunity to tap into current culture. First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was no exception. On opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Craig Brown, pastor and an avowed Star Wars fan, showed clips from the fi rst six movies and used the fall of Anakin Skywalker and his redemption through his son, Luke, likening it to our redemption through Christ. Members were encouraged to wear costumes, such as Chris Hauger (stormtrooper at left), Tyler Trudo (Boba Fett) and Kirk Brown (Darth Vader at right), standing with Brown.

letics classes and during vicarages? Is his advice not a matter of common sense? Might not a good number of pastors already practice these preach- ing tips instinctively? The Rev. Alan J. Watt York, Pa.

Rare occasions On only rare occasions do we safe and well fed actually have to face the injustice, to look into the refugee’s eyes, to see the child being carried by a parent escaping war. On only rare occasions do we get to ask, have to

ask, what will we do for that person, for that child, for that parent. Often as not we find no satisfactory answer, comfortable hotel room or home. But God help us if we are not changed by the encounter. God help our souls if we do not ask what we can do, even if no answer is evident. What will we, the well fed in safe places, do about those hungry and at risk? We will not change the world, but can we change a life? And if so, must that change not start with our own life? Don Ray Colorado Springs, Colo.

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