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Letters Thanks for your service Readers thank retiring editor, share favorite Bible characters and more

To Daniel J. Lehmann: Thank you for your time, efforts and service as editor of The Lutheran (December, page 4). I enjoy reading the articles and broadening my knowledge of what Lutherans around the globe are doing. I especially look forward to Peter W. Marty and Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton’s articles. I usually read the magazine cover to cover as part of my private devotional time. The magazine is handy to throw in my suitcase when I’m traveling. May God bless you in your retirement and thanks for being in the hot seat. Well done! Sonia Maassel Jacobsen Roseville, Minn.

A valued friend for 10 years I believe we don’t know each other personally, yet I do consider you a valued friend over the past 10 years


as you have navigated the life of The Lutheran as editor over some chal- lenging circumstances. Thank you for your exemplary service. As a retired pastor of nearly 60 years, I have enjoyed and benefited from The Lutheran in so many ways, includ- ing your editorial insights and over- sight. Clearly you and the magazine have had many challenges and I, for one, certainly have appreciated your balanced approach. I have read each issue with anticipation and have been informed and challenged by its welcomed monthly visit. I earnestly thank you for your service to the church and to each of us (including my wife, who bargains with me to get to it first upon arrival). Blessings on you and yours as you anticipate this next chapter of your life. God bless! The Rev. Luther Olson Rochester, Minn.

A faithful editor I express my appreciation to you for being such a good and faithful editor, though I have waited to do so now that you have announced your retire- ment. You have never avoided hard issues over the last decade, including those that faced religious publishing in general and The Lutheran in spe- cific. You attempted to rally ELCA people to support The Lutheran in spite of the “terrible threesome for any publication” none of which were your fault. Your editorials were thoughtful, straight forward and faith-based in their style and content. Thank you for your service. You have been a blessing to everyone who has read your words. The Rev. Bill Lehman Stoughton, Wis.

Good art Thanks for the art used in the “Our favorite Bible characters & stories” (December, page 16) piece. Such lovely work from such diverse parts of the world and epochs added immeasurable to my enjoyment of the article. It’s also heartening to see that biblical material can continue to inspire such work even in our own time. The Rev. William Heil Petoskey, Mich.

Power of the Bible The article about “Our favorite Bible characters & stories” was uplifting and inspiring. Reading the different and intriguing perspectives deepened my appreciation for the power of the Bible. But it was also a reminder that we need to be ready to listen to differ- ent ways of looking at what the Bible offers us. This was a terrific article. Keep up the good work. Jane Jakoubek Decorah, Iowa

Sweeter smiles I have never seen sweeter smiles than those belonging to the children hugging their special dolls crafted by Amy Jandrisevits in “Dolls with missing limbs comfort recipients” (December, page 30). Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. Mina Kerr Wheaton, Ill.

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