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Sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is embedded within our corporate business strategy — the two are interdependent. These principles are woven into the fabric of who we are and how we operate.

PEOPLE, PLANET AND PERFORMANCE We strive to prioritize social, environmental and economic impacts in all our business decisions. We call this foundation People, Planet and Performance, and it drives our integrated approach to sustainability.

We employ a long-term business planning and decision- making approach that considers PGE’s responsibilities in these three areas. Maintaining a strong focus on sustainability and collaboration with stakeholders helps create long-term business value and supports our strategic pillars of Operational Excellence, Business Growth and Corporate Responsibility.

Integrating sustainability We’re working to integrate sustainability throughout PGE, so it becomes embedded in our business processes, such as decisions regarding resource allocation, future investments and ensuring sustainable procurement practices.

As we strive to embed these principles into our processes — rather than treating sustainability as a box we check on a project-by-project basis — it will help make sustainable thinking a more significant part of our culture and affect how employees approach their work on an ongoing basis.

To drive this integration throughout PGE, we created a sustainability decision-making tool that helps employees gain a greater understanding of how sustainability applies to their work and how they can take action.





Our management-level sustainability advisory group identified 16 material issues based on an Electric Power Research Institute materiality assessment of our industry. These environmental, social and economic impacts have the potential to impact the long-term viability of PGE and/or our stakeholders. To ensure we prioritize them appropriately, we’ve built them into our sustainability framework. We’ll continue to do more extensive materiality assessments at PGE and report findings in future reports.



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