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be placed in the Los Angeles Union Passen- ger Terminal, where the messages will guide people to commuter rail, subway, light rail, or bus services. It is called a beacon service, and it is deemed a highly effective and effi- cient means of providing information. Some beacons will be associated with bus stops for bus services. Many thanks to Frank Bauer for the information.

Sacramento Street Car

Sacramento, Calif., has an excellent light rail transit system that has been growing steadi- ly for more than 30 years. Now, the city is planning on bringing back street cars. The planned line would link Sacramento and West Sacramento with a 3.3-mile route that is expected to cost about $150 million dollars. On February 17, 2015, property owners near the proposed streetcar line voted by mail to help finance the project by a 66 percent ap- proval rate. Another step will take place in May 2015 when 3800 registered voters living within three blocks of the planned streetcar will get to vote yes or no on building the line; voting was scheduled to finish on June 2. Voters along the line who do not own prop- erty will not be requested to help pay for the project. The streetcar supporters are seeking $75 million in federal funds. Supporting the proj- ect is $7 million from the Sacramento City Council; West Sacramento has committed $25 million, the state has requested $10 million, and Sacramento County $3 million. The streetcar line between Sacramento and West Sacramento will serve Raley Field and the Bridge District in West Sacramento. In Sacramento, the streetcars are to serve

Old Sacramento, the Old Downtown Rail Station, the Sacramento Kings basketball arena, the State Capitol, the convention cen- ter, and several major hotels. The streetcar project would require the light rail line to be moved from K Street to N Street with a price tag of $17 million dollars. Sacramento is a great town in which to visit the Califor- nia State Railway Museum and ride the light rail system. Thanks to Robert Doyle for the information.

The George Krambles Centennial

George Krambles was a major player in the business of electric railways; he is probably best known as a long time high-level official and finally executive director of the Chicago Transit Authority. March 27, 2015, was the 100th anniversary of George’s birth, and the Central Electric Railfans’ Association had a celebratory meeting to mark the occasion. Art Peterson gave a presentation, “My Uncle George.” I got to know George at a meeting at Pur- due University. I invited him to Bloomington on many occasions to speak to a class or the Transportation Club. Usually by the time he left, several students had an invitation to in- terview with the CTA, and many good transit jobs were a result. In the 1990’s, Simmons-Boardman invited Bill Middleton to be the editor of Transit Con- nections magazine; Bill asked me to be the associate editor; we often called upon George to write an article and he always delivered. George Krambles was a major figure in the U.S. transit industry and, as a founder of the CERA, an important person in the electric railway hobby. The memories are great.

B&O Thunder in the Alleghenies

This look at the B&O

depicts the road’s struggle to master the Alleghenies.

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Southern Pacific Freight Cars, Volume 4 (revised), Anthony W. Thompson This limited reprint is part of a series on freight cars of the Southern Pacific: gondolas and stock cars (Vol. 1), cabooses (Vol. 2), automobile and flat cars (Vol. 3, temporarily out of stock), box cars (Vol. 4), and hoppers, covered hoppers and tank cars (Vol. 5). Volume 4 (revised): 504 pages, 862 photos, 94 drawings, bibliography, index. Price: $70

Southern Pacific Ten-Coupled Locomotives, Robert J. Church

Locomotives ranging from 4-10-0 El Gobernador of the 19th century, through 2-10-0 and 2-10-2 to 4-10-2, are shown with extensive photos and drawings. Complete cov- erage of both history and operations is presented, throughout the SP system. 534 pages, 795 photos, 107 maps and graphics, rosters, bibliography, index. Price: $85

Southern Pacific’s Sacramento Shops (reprinted), Robert A. Pecotich One of the greatest and most productive railroad shops in North America, SP’s Sacra- mento Shops built and rebuilt locomotives and freight cars, from 1868 to 1990. 496 pages, over 600 photos, 21 maps and drawings, bibliography, index. Price: $85

Southern Pacific Lines Standard-Design Depots, Henry E. Bender Jr.

Hundreds of SP depots, built to a small number of standard designs, and some non- standard depots, are described and illustrated with extensive photos and drawings. 320 pages, 437 photos, 46 drawings, bibliography, index. Price: $70

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