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Predicted von Mises Stress (MPa) from multi-scale four-point bending simulation with five per cent porosity at failure

specific design requirements of the industry. As with many simulation challenges, overdesign can be extremely costly or even prohibitive. Avoiding this necessitates the use of reliable, accurate, analysis and optimisation tools at every stage of the design process. Herdman explained that NOV Elmar

uses many Altair products in its day-to-day workflows: ‘For general analysis work, we use HyperMesh for pre-processing, RADIOSS to solve, and HyperView to post-process.’ However he went on to explain that one of the advantages of using HyperMesh for FEA needs is that it can be used in conjunction with other solvers. Herdman said: ‘Part of our business

regularly uses Ansys for structural design, so HyperMesh can be used for improved mesh l

control which in turn leads to more reliable results. For engineering problems, which may lead to issues such as excessive geometric non-linearity, it is great to know we could use another, more appropriate solver and yet still maintain the post-processing capability we require.’ Tis flexibility also extends to the

development of the soſtware itself, as Herdman explained: ‘We also use a jointly developed plug-in at the post processing stage for stress linearisation.’ By working closely with Altair, NOV

Elmar has fine-tuned the soſtware to the specific needs of the oil and gas industry. Herdman said: ‘Pressure vessel design in the oil and gas sector must be carried out in accordance with relevant industrial standards


and design codes. Many of these standards are quite prescriptive regarding material choices, allowable factors on material yield, and various other aspects of the product operation and design.’ He continued: ‘Appropriate use of finite

element analysis is also part of such standards and, in particular, a technique called stress linearisation. Tis technique generates stress outputs which are compared to geometry- based allowable stresses in the design code.’

Small details; big differences MultiMechanics has found that users of its soſtware have been using MultiMech soſtware for structural design of Arctic oil rigs, as mentioned earlier. Castro said: ‘Structures used in oil and gas exploration are subjected ➤



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