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high-performance computing

it has also been conceived as a platform that can integrate different types of technologies, so, Derue continued, it should enable smaller customers to take advantage of modern technologies. Te flexibility to tailor systems to the

customer’s preferences is one of the selling points of Eurotech’s ‘Hive’ (High Velocity) system. It is so-called not only because of the ‘high velocity’ computing it offers but also because, as it is encapsulated in Eurotech’s


distinctive ‘brick’ format, a computer consisting of many of these elements somewhat resembles a beehive. Te Hive is an addition to its Aurora line of

supercomputers, offering the possibility not just of Intel and Nvidia but also Arm processor technology in a very energy-efficient water- cooled system. Te concept had been introduced at ISC’14

in Leipzig in the summer, but now, according to Eurotech’s Giovanbattista Mattiussi, it has been translated into a proper product.

The Sequoia supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Te idea, he said, is to extend the company’s

product line so the Hive will be available in several versions: CPU only; CPU plus accelerator (which could be either a GPU or the Intel Phi ‘co-processor’); and an extreme accelerated version which would include ARM- based processors, in particular the Applied Micro X Gene 64 bit realisation of the Arm architecture. Hive offers a stripped-down architecture to

get more performance but with lower energy consumption, he said. Te system has a new

cold plate derived from industrial refrigeration that is cheaper and lighter than previous versions. According to Mattiussi, the company

is working with partners to define the configurations that will be appropriate for different applications. Te market segments the company has its

eye on include high-energy physics (QCD), bioinformatics, molecular dynamics, CAE, machine learning, finance, GPU-based rendering, and seismic migration.

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