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Sack Handling Filling

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An innovative Premier Tech Chronos Stretch-All stretch hooding system, as will be supplied to Carbery Food Ingredients.

remier Tech Chronos has secured an order for a complete packing system for Carbery Food Ingredients at its Ballineen site, near Cork in Ireland, which features a high accuracy bottom-up filling system with two dedicated dosing systems, compact palletiser, hygienic FIBC system and a Stretch- All stretch hooding system. The new packing facility is part of a major investment project that will help Carbery Food Ingredients maintain its position as an innovative supplier of nutritional and functional ingredients based on whey proteins. These products are supplied to leading manufacturers of foods, drinks and nutritional products all over the world. Operating in a hygienic clean-room environment and designed to comply with the latest European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) standards the Premier Tech Chronos OML-2040-BFH1 Bottom-Up Filling system will pack high value powdered products into block bottomed paper bags with PE inner liners and pinch top closures. The OML-2040-BFH1 is a twin head bottom up filling system that includes 2 gross dosing and 2 fine dosing systems, which give dedicated product hoppers to prevent contamination between different products. It also features easy cleaning dosing hopper for optimum clean-down between products. The new packing system will also have product de-aeration, bag top air removal, heat sealing with pinch top bag closure system for sealing the PE liner and activation of the pre-applied bag mouth glue. Filled bags will be transported to a CPL-600 palletiser, via a bag conveying system that will incorporate metal detection, in line dynamic check weigher, auto reject station and batch printing facility using an ink jet printer. The CPL-600 palletiser will incorporate

38 September 2014 Solids and Bulk Handling

High accuracy dedicated product packing system for Carbery Food Ingredients

an empty pallet magazine and paper sheet dispenser for bottom sheets. Pallet sizes 1200mm x 800mm Euro up to 1400mm x 1100mm including 1200mm x 1000mm will be handled. An innovative Stretch-All stretch hooding system will be incorporated for automatically hooding pallets. To supplement the 25kg packing system Premier Tech Chronos is also supplying a high accuracy hygienic FIBC Filling System. This will utilise a pallet dispenser to release empty pallets to the Filling System, which will also be located in the clean-room. A pre- inflation system will help to ensure optimum filling of the FIBCs, which when filled will be moved on a conveyor out of the clean- room to be transferred to a pallet transfer conveying system outside of the clean room environment. “We choose Premier Tech Chronos based on a wide range of criteria including performance, quality, hygiene, track record, industry reputation, price and follow up service. I was impressed by the various Premier Tech Chronos hygienic bagging systems and associated personnel that I visited and inspected prior to order placement,” commented Martin Everard, production manager at Carbery Food Ingredients. He concluded: “I was also grateful for the detailed technical sales support that the company staff provided as we worked on the project.”

More than 15 hygienic filling lines have been ordered from Premier Tech Chronos for the dairy industries in the last 18 months. Installation of the new filling system at Carbery is scheduled to take place by late 2014. n For more information visit:

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