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What’s New Radial connectors

Everett Charles Technologies’ Compliant Connector Solutions has announced the first release of its SC1 family of high­ performance radial connectors. The connectors are offered with single and paired rows, easy­to­configure connector footprints and the ECT CP­059 high­current product line.

The new connectors are intended for high­performance applications including battery charging, board­to­board

Low phase­noise OCXO

connections, interposers and medical devices. Designed for high current, high power needs (10A), the connectors are available in surface mount and through­ hole designs. Additionally, the low resistance allows faster charge times and the internal bias minimizes disconnections even in high vibration applications, creating a high­reliability solution.

DIP­packaged HV resistors

IQD’s IQOV­200F OCXO delivers a high level of phase­noise performance with a close­in measurement of ­130dBc @ 100Hz and a noise floor better than ­180dBc across a frequency range of 80 to 130MHz. It incorporates a circuit to allow optimisation of these parameters during production.

The oscillator delivers a frequency stability of ±50ppb over the standard

­20 to 70˚C operating temperature range. Housed in a 36 by 27mm ‘Eurostyle’ package and running off a 12V supply, the new model offers a sinewave output of 13dBm min. It is in production now and any frequency from 80 to 130MHz can be ordered. Optional pulling can also be specified. It offers comparatively low power consumption of 150mA max at 25˚C and 350mA max during warm up.

Ohmite Manufacturing has introduced the MC4 Series multi­configuration single surface mount DIP package containing four high voltage (2500VDC) resistors. It offers cost savings versus discrete high voltage chip resistors and a high degree of design flexibility. A single MC4 can be applied in multiple configurations depending on the needs of a particular circuit.

Customers may select any combination of resistor

value–from 200 to 5,000 ohms–and tolerance for all four resistors. Once the necessary specifications have been selected, Ohmite will complete the design and assign a unique part number to the custom product for future access and pricing.

Parts are supplied on tape and reel for automated

placement and unique, flexible S­Bend terminals provide additional solder joint integrity. This design also allows better separation between components for better airflow and cooling. Low on­resistance MOSFET

Advanced Power Electronics has released the AP1A003GMT­HF­3 power MOSFET with a maximum on­resistance of 0.99mohms, for use in high­current load switching where a very low voltage drop across the MOSFET switch is required to minimise the conduction losses.

Provided in a PMPAK5x6 package with integrated thermal pad and with a

34 | February 2014

standard SO­8 footprint compatible with other enhanced 5 by 6mm power packages, the device features simple gate drive requirements, a breakdown voltage rating of 30V and a maximum drain­ source current rating of 260A.

The AP1A003GMT­HF­3 is fully RoHS­

compliant and BFR/halogen­free. Samples are available now.


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