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Doll Hospital Admissions Services Accessories

Our Doll Hospital is a very special place! Doll doctors are carefully trained to treat almost any problem your doll might have. We will take very good care of your doll and make her stay as short as possible. She will usually be on her way home within three weeks after admission, although sometimes holiday season stays can last a little longer.

For a complete list of doll hospital services, go to My Twinn Doll Hospital Admission

STEP 1 Print and fill out the Doll Hospital Admissions Form online at

STEP 2 Undress and wrap your doll in plain white tissue. Secure the doll in the box. Do not use newsprint or colored tissue.

STEP 3 Send your undressed, tissue-wrapped doll and any photographs in the box (or any sturdy box) along with the Doll Hospital Admissions Form and the Doll Hospital Profile Form. Ship by UPS, FedEx or insured parcel post.

STEP 4 Be sure to include your order number (if available) and complete name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Ship your doll to:

My Twinn Doll Hospital 100 My Twinn Lane Chatham, VA 24531

We will notify you by e-mail when we ship the doll back to you. If we have any questions about your Doll Hospital forms, we will contact you immediately. The Doll Hospital can accept doll admissions through December 12th.

Doll Care Packages Heirloom Restoration Care Package for 18” Dolls DHR10 $49 (+$12.95 S & H) Restores your doll to keepsake condition. Includes: • New wig

• Cut & style hair • Replace eyelashes

• Hand-paint eyebrows • Hand-paint lips & cheeks • Clean arms, legs & face

Doll Makeover Care Package for 18” Dolls DHM10 $29 (+$12.95 S & H) Freshen your doll’s overall appearance. Includes: • Wash & restyle hair • Replace eyelashes

Doll Hospital Accessories

18” Doll Hospital Gown & ID Bracelet 180900 $14 Designed just like the gowns at the hospital. Includes ID bracelet. Note: Your doll will be returned to you in a hospital gown and ID bracelet at no additional charge if you are purchasing the Doll Makeover, Heirloom Restoration or other service.

Get Well Bear 347748 $9

Teddy Bear with gown, cast and crutches. Doll Hearing Aid

787204 $9

Behind-the-ear style is a neutral beige for cosmetic appeal.

Doll Heart Earrings Doll Rhinestone Earrings Doll Wheelchair

277200 $9 816566 $9

For ear piercing service (with earrings included) see page 4.

276922 $39

Metal frame, adjustable foot supports and rubber tires.

18” Doll Crutches & Casts Wooden crutches and vinyl two-piece cast for arm or leg. Casts include cheerful stickers. Leg Cast (fits either leg) Arm Cast - Right Arm Arm Cast - Left Arm Crutches (pair)

837181 $9 970640 $9 970650 $9 184205 $14

•Clean arms, legs & face • Hand-paint lips & cheeks

For a complete list of doll hospital services, go to Products appropriate for children ages 8+ 17

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