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Three Easy Ways to Order 2

BY MAIL! My Twinn Workshop

100 My Twinn Lane Chatham, VA 24531

Send Us Your Personal Profile: Child’s Name:

Select Skin Color Very Fair

Step 1 Select Colors Select Eye Color

Light Blue

Green/ Brown

Fair Dark Blue

Light Brown

3 Birthdate: (mm/dd/yyyy) Select Hair Color

Light Blonde

Ash Blonde Olive Blue Green Brown

Bright Red

Golden Brown

BY PHONE! Call us today at


For best results, choose in natural daylight and use a ballpoint pen to fill out this personal profile form.

Dark Blonde Light Brown Light Green

Dark Brown

Brown Green

Strawberry Blonde


Medium Brown

Dark Brown



Step 2 Customize Hair Texture

Style Ear Chin

Shoulder High Back

Mid Back Tight Curls Low Back

All Over Tight ringlets layered from crown to hair ends

14 Products appropriate for children ages 8+

Tight Curls Smooth texture, non-layered tight ringlet curls from crown to ends

Coarse African-

American Coarse texture

Very Straight Very straight hair with no wave or curl

Straight with

Slight Wave Straight hair with a slight wave through- out

Loose Curls All Over

Loose ringlet curls from crown to ends of hair with perma- nent center part

A) HAIR STYLE Leave Hair Down Ponytail - one in back of head Pigtails - one on each side of head Single Braid - one in back of head Double Braid - one on each side of head


Pie Shaped Bangs - Cut into the hair in triangle type pattern

Wispy Bangs - Very thin bangs cut straight across the forehead

No Bangs


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