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ously, Burroughs does something even more impressive. In what has to be one of best performances in U.S. wrestling

Burroughs never ceases to amaze B

UDAPEST, Hungary – What more can you say about Jordan Burroughs? The guy is simply incredible. Just when you think he can't top what he's done previ-

history, Burroughs captured a gold medal at the World Championships on Sept. 18 at Papp Laszlo Sports Arena. Sure, Burroughs was heavily favored to win here after striking

gold at the 2011 Worlds and 2012 Olympics. But Burroughs broke his ankle on Aug. 22 while training at the

U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He had sur- gery the next day and was off the mat for two weeks. He rode the bike, lifted weights and climbed ropes to stay in shape. He didn't wrestle live until he arrived in Budapest a week

before the competition. He had to prove to the U.S. coaches that he was ready to compete at a high level, and he did exactly that during a work- out in the warmup area across the street from the competition venue in Budapest. And then all Burroughs did was step on the mat and outscore

his five opponents 34-3 to win a gold medal. The guy is Superman and Iron Man rolled into one. He’s now

an unthinkable 65-0 on the Senior level. And he's now stamped himself as one of the best wrestlers in America's storied history. The best news is he's not done yet. Burroughs just turned 25

in July and he's halfway to John Smith's amazing record of six straight World and Olympic titles. He showed amazing composure when his opponents employed aggressive and sometimes dirty tactics to try and rat-

tle him in Budapest. But Burroughs kept his cool

and adeptly handled any adversi- ty that came his way. His lip was bloodied early in the day and was noticeably swollen by the time he won gold. Burroughs is a great young man who is simply a joy to work

Craig Sesker

with. He is a master with the media. He's very articulate and charismatic. He played a huge role as a great spokesman dur- ing wrestling’s fight to stay in the Olympics this year. When a tournament official tried to cut his post-match inter-

view short after his finals win in Hungary, Burroughs asked the guy to let him answer a couple of more questions. Burroughs is a special talent and a special person. He's a

great representative of the sport and he's the type of personality who can definitely help wrestling get into the mainstream media. Burroughs has thrived while continuing to train at the University of Nebraska, where he captured a pair of NCAA titles. Burroughs has great coaches with Mark Manning and Bryan

Snyder continuing to work closely with him. Manning is one of the top freestyle coaches in the World, and

he’s been there every step of the way with Burroughs as he has progressed collegiately and internationally. Snyder, an excellent college wrestler, has worked as a train-

ing partner for Burroughs and has had a huge impact on him. Burroughs has come a long way since going 1-2 at his first

NCAA tournament as a freshman at Nebraska. Burroughs keeps getting better, and that's a scary prospect

for his international opponents. Can't wait to see what happens next with the great Jordan Burroughs.

42 USA Wrestler

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