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may have contributed to it. I have never been one who was com- fortable abandoning my past. Some people go to Hollywood to reinvent themselves, change their name and take a new identity. Having a successful career in show business, and it has been decades for me, the crazier it gets, the more grounded I want my life to be when I am not working. I love to be with my wife Chyna, my kids, my closest friends from high school and college. At some level, wrestling provides that grounding and reminds me who I am and where I am from, which is cool.

USA Wrestler: Talk about how you helped save the program at Binghamton. Baldwin: Alumni support was critical. They sent correspon- dence, they mobilized, just like the global effort with Olympic wrestling. They put together a great team. We had Mario Cuomo, Dennis Hastert and George Pataki involved. We raised some money initially to help with the campaign, they were reinstated and the alumni continued to step up. Every year, people continue to step up and we help finance Binghamton athletics and wrestling. Money talks. We lost the team, and we have been back. The team has done the heavy lifting and let their wrestling do the talking. The wrestling alumni collectively have raised more money than the next 10 sports combined. At Binghamton, wrestling steps up in a big way. It caught the attention of the ath- letic director, the athletic department and the president.

USA Wrestler: You were a broadcaster for the television show from the World Team Trials on NBC. Did you enjoy that, and is it something you would like to do in the future? Baldwin: I really enjoyed it. I’d love to do it again. It is a way to help bring a different profile to the sport. You might have an analyst along with Billy Baldwin, and if that makes it more inter- esting that’s great. Of course, I will have to step up and deliver, speak knowledgably about the sport and the athletes competing. That’s never been a problem.

USA Wrestler: You have been inducted as an Outstanding American by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and honored by USA Wrestling .What was that experience like for you? Baldwin: It’s great. I love when people stop me on the street and say I loved this movie or that movie. It is also very cool at Nationals or just walking down the street when people put their hand out and say thanks for all you do for wrestling. I take a lot of pride in that and I wear it on my sleeve.

USA Wrestling: Would you like to be part of a movie project based upon wrestling? Baldwin: No doubt, I would love to. We have great stories. I think Schultz, Rulon, Blatnick, Gable are all great stories. I think Cael Sanderson’s 159-0 is a great story. I’d love to be involved in any capacity, as an actor, a producer, a director.

USA Wrestler: What are the most compelling memories you have from the Keep Olympic Wrestling effort? Baldwin: I’d say Rumble on the Rails, how well that event came together and the impression it made on a global wrestling community and international media. Definitely, wrestling on the ancient grounds in Greece. I was not there, but the fact they were able to get that approved, was just absolutely breathtaking. I also loved that Lalovic said he’d like me to be there and the USA Wrestling guys welcomed me in Buenos Aires for the final push of this over the goal line. To be there, with CPOW mem- bers, the presentation team and USA Wrestling was amazing. To spend time with Alexander Karelin, that was a real thrill for me.

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