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Tetronics supplies Furuya with system

TETRONICS INTERNATIONAL, the specialist in the supply of direct current (DC) plasma waste recovery plants for the treatment of hazardous waste and metal recovery, has announced that Furuya Metal Japan has officially opened its new plasma facility supplied by Tetronics for the reclamation of platinum group metals (PGMs) from spent catalysts. Furuya has introduced the

plasma pyrometallurgical facility in a newly constructed building at its Japanese Tsuchiura plant. The plasma process will enable

Furuya to recover PGMs from low grade scrap catalysts with highly efficient technical recovery rates. With on-going development,

Furuya, Mitsubishi Corp and Tetronics International have now jointly developed know-how to recover ruthenium and iridium from low-grade scrap. Plant operation started mid-August and Furuya

expects scrap collection to start from next spring. A spokesperson on behalf of

Furuya said: “By introducing this plasma facility, we aim to increase our income by 200 million Yen per year (Circa $2m per year).” Graeme Rumbol, CEO for

Tetronics International, added: “Our objective remains to ensure Furuya maximises their return from the plant as well as providing them with a competitive advantage.” Catalyst wastes such as industrial

catalysts from the chemical and petrochemical industries contain precious metals. Specifically the PGMs are

valuable as a result of their low natural abundance and the complex processes that are required for their extraction and refining from primary sources.

Raymond Brown opts for more Bells

HAMPSHIRE-BASED Raymond Brown has purchased five new wheeled loaders fromBell Equipment following the successful performance of its first three Bell loaders bought last year. According to a spokesperson fromBell, the move means Raymond Brown now operates one of the largest Bell wheeled loader fleets in the UK. The additional L2106E loaders

are being used across its new aggregates and waste solutions divisions working in recycling operations and quarrying including the processing of incinerator ash. NickMoth, group plant manager

for Raymond Brown, said that the latest order was the result of its first Bell machines performing up to 2,000 trouble-free hours.Moth went on to say “the Bells have been extremely well received by site managers and plant operators alike”. Bell Equipment UK supplies kit

such as articulated dump trucks and wheeled loaders.

Lightfoot helps Celtic improve fuel efficiency

DRIVER BEHAVIOUR technology is reportedly helping a recycling company to lower carbon emissions and save money. Celtic Recycling has invested in

Ashwoods Automotive’s Lightfoot in-cab system to improve fuel efficiency and safety in its fleet of 14 RenaultMaster vans. The Lightfoot system advises the

driver on how to operate the van in the most fuel-efficient manner, by using real-time audio and visual aids in the cab. The technology is said to deliver fuel consumption improvements of 15% on average. According to a spokesperson at

Celtic, the recycling specialist was so impressed with Lightfoot that it went back to developer Ashwoods Automotive and also purchased four Ashwoods Hybrid Transit vans. Lightfoot advises the driver on

how to drive in a more efficient manner with the help of real time audio and visual aids. It also monitors performance and sends an email report to the fleet manager on a weekly or monthly basis. The savings are said to be more

sustainable than stand-alone driver training because Lightfoot provides guidance every day as drivers tend to slip back into bad habits after training. It is said to be proactive, rather

than reactive like most telematics or ‘track and trace’ systems which identify issues that fleet managers then have to deal with.

Left to right: Celtic Recycling’s Peter O’Rourke and Rob Gunter

And because the work is done in

the cab, the reporting system is said to be simple and requires little of the fleet manager’s time. According to Ashwoods, its

hybrid drive technology reduces fuel

consumption and CO2 emissions by 15-25%. The system is reportedly entirely self-powered; stores energy every time the vehicle slows down then transfers it to the wheels via an electric motor. The company added that unlike other hybrids or electric vehicles, it never needs plugging into a charging point and operators don’t have to worry about the battery going flat. Celtic Recycling is a specialist

in heavy electrical plant live-site dismantling, recovery and recycling. It also offers services including

hazardous waste management, abnormal load movement, PCB decontamination and oil recycling, SF6 treatment and high pressure cleaning. It operates nationally with three sites at Barnsley, Bridgend and Newport.

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