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sponsored by: Latest material prices Important events Diary dates RWWoffers the latest buying-in prices for the trade for the day of September 13.

Values represent overall buying-in prices on Sept 13. Larger loads (500kg for non ferrous metals, five tonnes for ferrous metals) would expect to command higher prices. The arrow symbols indicate increases or decreases since last issue.

5ft mixed no. 1 & 2 steel £150æ Light iron

Ferrous metals 2ft max constructional profile for shearing

Precious metals Fine Gold 9ct Gold Platinum Palladium Fine Silver 925 Silver

Prices per gramme

Non ferrous metals Clean heavy copper £4110ç Bright copper (ordinary) £4360ç Birch cliff

Baled braziery copper £3310ç Brass & copper rads £2690ç Mixed brass Brass cuttings

£4030ç £140æ £110æ Complete car/lorry engines £200â

Mixed light steel cuttings £150æ Oversize ballable cast iron £135æ Light cast iron

Mixed steel turnings £115æ £145æ

£26.54ç Brass swarf £99.50ç £29.03ç £14.22ç

£0.440ç Cast aluminium £0.410ç

Pure aluminium cuttings £1130ç Alum alloy cuttings £1050ç Baled old rolled

Aluminium turnings £730â Ingots – Mixed remelts £1050ç Batch remelts £1220æ £550ç £110ç £880æ

£840ç £910ç

Aluminium cans Steel cans

Zinc diecast scrap

£2810ç Prices per tonne £3100ç

t2e PRN trade summary for week ending September 13

Aluminium £6 ç £8.44 £14.50 £4.95 5,682 Glass (aggregate) £43 â £45.29 £55 £35 89,744 Glass (remelt) £70 ç £61.69 £75 £47.50 78,176 Paper Plastic

Last traded Average High Low Total

Recovery Steel


£0.90 ç £0.92 £1.20 £0.75 268,883 £65 â £43.78 £75 £12.50 102,030 £0.30 â £0.29 £1

Stainless steel solids £820ç Stainless steel turnings £730ç Lead soft scrap Batteries

£1170ç £460ç

In association with £2940ç

Green waste Loose (cost of disposal) £35â Prices per metric tonne

Cullet Green

Flint (clear) Brown Mixed

Plastics HDPE coloured HDPE natural PET clear

PET colour

£25ç £35â £32â £35æ

Base prices per tonne delivered

£100ç £370ç £300ç £60â

Prices for baled bottles delivered In association with

Paper UK Domestic ex works SOW/Office papers £108-£115â Multigrade

News & pams Mixed paper Soft mixed


£106-£112â £96-£102â £67-£72â £67-£72â £90-£98â

£1.75 â £1.59 £2.50 £1.50 27,931 Total

Data shown is compiled from t2e spot and forward transaction information for 2013 compliance year to date

£8 æ £14.11 £28 £6.50 39,085 671,019

£0.25 59,488

White H letter/ledger £187-£195â News & pams Mixed paper Soft mixed

Export Ex Works SOW/Office papers £110-£116â Multigrade

£108-£114â £90-£96â

Cardboard/KLS £96-£102â Variances to take account of geographical location of material and all prices based on 25 tonnes minimum loadability

£64-£70â £64-£70â

Recycling, waste and plant shows, seminars and conferences for the coming months.

September 26 Health, safety and environmental management in anaerobic digestion Lanarkshire Conference and Business Centre, Scotland Understand how to avoid disasters that could injure lives, damage equipment and reduce confidence in AD technology. Hear from respected experts in the field. Event also includes site visit to Deerdykes AD plant.

October 9-10 Nextgen Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire Nextgen is a UK-based event for bioenergy and renewable energy generation designed to give agri-rural and urban communities an insight into profitable renewable energy projects. The event is free to attend.

October 22 Health, safety and environmental management in anaerobic digestion Center Parcs Conference Centre, Wiltshire Understand how to avoid disasters that could injure lives, damage equipment and reduce confidence in AD technology. Hear from many of the most respected experts in the field about legal, practical and technical issues. Event includes site visit to Malaby Biogas.

November 19-20 18th European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference Manchester This two-day conference attracts the most authoritative experts in the areas of biosolids and organic resource handling, treatment and recycling.

February 26-27 Energy from waste 2014: 10th International EfW conference London The programme covers policy, finance, project delivery, efficiency, heat and advanced fuels. Book a place now at the early bird discount rate.

Recycling Lamps,WEEE & Batteriesfrom every UK postcode.

DELTA XRF Analyser Now Features Window Guard Providing Extra Protection When Testing Sharp Metal Objects

The DELTA Scrap Sorting Handheld XRF Analyser provides reliable ID in 1-2 seconds for most alloy grades and pure metals. When testing conditions get really tough, its new Window Guard system safeguards the DELTA’s detector, tube, filters, and electronics from damage by sharp objects, turnings, dirt, and debris.

The DELTA Window Guard System: • Helps reduce the need for costly repairs and downtime • Is easy to affi x and remove where and when you need it • Fits as standard on all new DELTA Handheld XRF Alloy Analyser purchases

• Can be upgraded to existing DELTA Analysers – Simply contact Olympus Service for more information

Call 01388 72 1000 or 12 September 19 2013 www. r e c y c l i n gwa s t ewo r l d . c o . u k Recycling & WA S T E W O R L D

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