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Technique Bill O’Neill By Del Warren



I coach bowlers of all ages and abilities, and the thing I notice most about each bowler’s arsenal of balls is that the surface on each ball is about the same. By that I mean that if a bowler has three, four or fi ve balls, all of which had diff erent surfaces when they were purchased, now all have the same surface. The balls…perhaps one shiny, one medium and one dull…were purchased for the purpose of off ering dif- ferent ball reaction. But because the bowl- er doesn’t maintain those fi nishes, all three balls now have a similar surface.


The key to maximizing the performance of your arsenal is right on the surface.

oday’s bowlers spend a great deal of money on equipment. Bowling balls are expensive, even if you are bargain shopping. Yet eight out of 10 bowlers don’t get nearly the level of perfor-

mance out of their bowling balls that they could if they just spent a little extra time caring for them.


The point is that as soon as you bowl games with a freshly surfaced bowling ball, the surface begins to change. There is fric- tion all the way down the lane as the ball is fl aring and migrating. As the ball spins it is lit- erally wearing against the lane. Add oil to the equation, and the surface of the ball quickly changes. Shiny balls get duller, and dull balls get shinier. After a number of games, all the balls in your arsenal end up having the same surface. Unless you clean them and reapply the desired surface, you’ve defeated the pur- pose of having an arsenal in the fi rst place.

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