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The Layperson’s Guide to Integrated Regional Water Management is prepared and distributed by the Water Education Foundation as a public information tool. It is part of a series of guides, which explore pertinent water issues in an objective, easy-to-understand manner.

The mission of the Water Education Foundation, an impartial, nonprofit organization, is to create a better understanding of water resources and foster public understanding and resolution of water resource issues through facilitation, education and outreach. For more information contact:


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The unabridged guide includes these additional sections: • IRWM Challenges and Successes, including floodplain management, land use planning and water quality

• Case Studies of seven IRWM programs from throughout the state

President: William R. Mills Executive Director: Rita Schmidt Sudman Editor: Sue McClurg Author: Gary Pitzer

Editorial Assistance: Robin Douglas Cindy Nickles

Design: Curtis Leipold

Photo Credits: Bay Friendly Landscaping Bureau of Reclamation California Department of Water Resources City of Fresno Kings River Water Conservation District Regional Water Authority San Elijo Joint Powers Authority Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Ventura County Farm Bureau

Map: California Department of Water Resources

Cover Design: Graphic Communications

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This is an abridged version of the Layperson’s Guide to Integrated Regional Water Management. The complete 24-page guide is available through the Water Educa- tion Foundation website under the Products Link at

Often referred to as mini-textbooks, the Foundation’s popular Layperson’s Guide series offers readers an easy-to-understand, broad overview and perspective on a variety of important water topics. The pamphlets, which range from 20 to 28 pages, are periodically updated to include the most recent information. The guides can be purchased as a set or individually. Currently 17 titles are available.

Printed 2013

On the Cover: This collaborative effort

ISBN- 978-1-61948-004-9 – Abridged Edition ISBN: 978-1-61948-001-8 – Unabridged

© Copyright Water Education Foundation known as Integrated Regional Water Management –

IRWM – manages all aspects of water resources in a region. It is a consensus- based, cross-jurisdictional watershed approach that can help purveyors, planners, landowners, stakeholders and others develop plans to better manage their water resources.

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