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IRWM Strategic Plan

As part of the 2013 California Water Plan Update, DWR will pursue a Strategic Plan for the future of IRWM. The plan, to be compiled with the input of par- ticipants from various regions, aims to tighten the degree to which state programs are aligned to support IRWM and to examine the future of IRWM funding.

An evaluation of trends and experiences in IRWM will be part of DWR’s pending IRWM Strategic Plan – to

see what’s working right and to uncover opportunities for improvement.

The plan is centered on three components: the current sta- tus of state efforts with IRWM, where it wants to be in the fu- ture and how to get there. The fi rst element encompasses an examination of agency respon-

sibility and how to measure performance (including the degree to which IRWM is supported). That will be followed by an assessment of laws, regulations and policies to identify those that help or hinder IRWM and the way they


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Websites California Department of Water Resources – California Water Plan – Global Water Partnership – Integrated Regional Water Management Grants –

Integrated Regional Water Management Planning Act (SB 1672 - Costa) – bill/sen/sb_1651-1700/sb_1672_bill_20020921_chaptered.html

Watch a video of the DWR Director discuss water issues

State Water Resources Control Board – irwmgp

Publications Climate Change and Integrated Regional Water Management in California: A Preliminary Assessment of Regional Approaches, University of California, Berkeley, 2012 – IRWM_CCReport_Final_June2012_EConrad_UCBerkeley.pdf

Case Studies in Integrated Water Resources Management: From Local Stewardship to National Vision, American Water Resources Association, 2012 –

IWRM: for Sustainable Use of Water; 50 Years of International Experience With the Concept of Integrated Water Management, 2004 –

Managing California’s Water from Confl ict to Reconciliation, the Public Policy Institute of California, 2011 –

10 co-exist with the program as it goes forward.

An evaluation of trends and experiences in IRWM will be part of the Plan – to see what’s working right and to uncover opportunities for improvement. The adequacy of existing information management and “decision support tools” will be discussed, as will the extent to which IRWM has accomplished its mission, including its inroads with DACs, tribes and its synthesis with the state’s Climate Change Initiative.

In determining where the state wants to be with IRWM and how it gets there, the Plan will present a “gap analysis” between present conditions and the goal of aligned programs, policies and regulations. DWR says the analysis will help support the identifi cation and prioritization of future actions. Those actions, which are to be developed with specifi c timelines and benchmarks, will be included in an upcoming report card that DWR sees as a measuring stick of progress.

There will be many opportunities for public and stake- holder participation and input into the development.

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