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nd the Bible said: “Now when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked. But, others said: ‘We will hear you again

about this’.” (Acts 17:32). God may have had nothing to do with

the resurrection of failed retail chains – that has been left to mere mortals such as Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones, who brought some of the old Jessops stores back to life earlier this year. But there is something (scarily similar) with the correlation between the biblical quote and what is happening to retail today (p10). The chains fail, for a variety of reasons, then a chosen few are brought back to the high street in a tweaked format to the scepticism of some market experts. Some formats may work in a different guise, and some may not – look at all the Woolworths’ imitations that sprang up after that once great chain’s demise, and which went on to fail in their own right. It would be unfair, however, to label

these reborn shops as zombie stores. They need to be given a chance to show that they can still compete in a tough (and getting tougher) sector. Today’s retailers must forget their previous lives and concentrate on what they are now.

SHOPPING ON LEISURE Elements of the retail market may be floundering at sea, but it seems today it is very much a case of leisure ahoy! Retailers have spotted the advantage of buying leisure companies, or going into partnership with them, to boost growth (p22). It’s not a full-scale movement yet but, as one commentator put it: “Retailers are not diversifying in the traditional sense. What we are seeing is some large-scale stores like Tesco exploring ways to make the most of space and increase their bottom lines with add-ons.”

Noella Pio Kivlehan markets editor


4 The market Why new technology, leisure outlets and the internet are so important to retailers


10 Rescues Rescued from collapse, some companies have re-emerged in a smaller, racier form 16 Oxford Street With Crossrail ahead, what does the future hold for Europe’s busiest high street? 22 Leisure diversification Is it now time for bricks-and-mortar retailers to invest in leisure concepts? 28 Premium brands US retailers are setting up as premium brands on Europe’s fanciest high streets 34 Design for living Shopping centres are taking a central role in broader urban development 38 Investment Post-crash, anxious investors are still being wooed by big developments 40 Hot markets A look around the world at countries attracting the smart money


26 American food wave US restaurant, grill and snacks chain Focus Brands is planning a UK invasion


44 CPOs How to ensure a fair deal when dealing with Compulsory Purchase Orders 46 C&W research Multi-channel formats are set to be a key driver of success for European retailers

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