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May 1 –May 22, 2013 UNITE Political Fund Ballot

Win £100 worth of DIY vouchers!

With the long winter finally over, you might be turning your hand to a bit of DIY. Whatever project you have in mind - from fixing and repairing, painting and decorating, plumbing and electrical, gardening and landscaping – we have a £100 B&Q gift card to help get you on your way. . For your chance to win just send your name, address on a postcard, please, to: B&Q voucher, uniteWORKS, c/o 6 Victoria Avenue, Sanderstead, South Croydon, Surrey CR2 0QP. Deadline for entries: Friday June 14.

Pasta Wordsearch ✁ Vote YES

Unite currently has a political fund, voted for by our members, so that we can campaign lawfully within the political arena. Every 10 years you are required to decide if you want to continue this fund. That time has come round again now.

Your union’s strong belief is that, now more than ever, with working people, the services we use, work in and pay for, and out communiteis all under sustained attack, you need this fund.

Today more than ever, with legislation coming out of Westminster, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Stormont, impacting on your life, your job, your community and your loved ones, you need to speak up – and you need your union doing it too, loudly and forcibly.

Name Address

Membership number

Send your entry with your name, address and Union number to: Leisure time, uniteWORKS magazine, 6 Victoria Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey, CR2 0QP by Friday ???.

Pasta la vista! Within the grid, we’ve hidden 12 types of pasta.

If you can circle them all the first correct entry drawn will win a £25 voucher the second will win three themed sets of magnetic mini-bookmarks.

33 uniteWORKS May/June 2013

Having a political fund means that Unite can take a stand on the most important issues for working people – from your health care to your pay. We cannot do this without a political fund.

A union without a political fund is like a guard dog with a muzzle. So it doesn’t matter which party you vote for, don’t gag your union.

We urge you to vote YES in this ballot.


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