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Coca Cola axes 300

The loss of nearly 300 jobs at Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) was called a devastating blow by Unite in April.

Unite is seeking greater clarification of the full impact, following the announcement that CCE is to exit its DSD (Direct Store Delivery) operation resulting in 288 redundancies, 160 of whom are Unite drivers and warehouse workers.

The sites hit include Bristol, East Kilbride, North London, Northampton, Sidcup and Wakefield. Unite national officer Jennie Formby said, “Our immediate priority must be to get full details of the reasoning behind this decision and to examine what alternatives there could be for members.

“Cola Coca Enterprises is a highly profitable and successful global company and we will be doing everything in our power to protect jobs.”

Coca Cola Enterprises sells over 4bn bottles and cans in the UK every year – producing 95 per cent of its products in the UK.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT Council chiefs’ pay unfair

Unite has said the one per cent offer for local government workers in England is entirely unfair, given the runaway pay of some council chief executives.

In the last three years there’s been a pay freeze, with the earnings for the average employee slumping by 16 per cent. Yet contrast this with the excessive pay of council bosses like Hammersmith and Fulham’s chief executive Derek Myers on £225,000 a year.

The local government association has offered one per cent from April 2013 and

the deletion of the bottom band of the pay spine, which would help the lowest paid, for local government employees in England.

Unite, which has 80,000 local council members, will be meeting with the other unions in May to discuss the offer. Members will be asked, in a consultative ballot, for their view.

Unite launches its Fair Pay campaign in May to raise the standard for better pay and conditions for local authority workers – two-thirds of whom earn less than £21,000 a year.


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Millionaires salute Osborne

Millionaires raised a glass of champagne to George Osborne as they received tax give-aways averaging £100,000 –thanks to a 5p cut in the top rate of tax that kicked in on April 6.

Coming at the same time when cuts to tax credits and benefits are set to make an estimated 11.5m households poorer, the chancellor was accused by Unite of conducting class war on the poor while giving handouts to the rich.

Commenting, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, “Ordinary people – taxpayers – will be furious George Osborne has chosen to give away £1bn to the super-rich while their fuel and food costs rise and wages are falling.

“His party knows no shame. They’re

trying to claim their tax cuts benefit ordinary people – the truth is that while those earning over £1m per year will be an average £100,000 better off, low income families will be around £900 worse off. This is not the way to recover our failing economy.”


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