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18 | BEHIND THE SHOT Discover how the professionals craft pictures using their Olympus cameras… BEHIND THE S with Damian McGillicuddy

It’s well known that I’m a bit of a ‘tech’ magnet – I love the latest and brightest gadgets, which is why I was so compelled to look into the possibility of switching to a compact system camera. I knew this system could have major advantages for my photography, and it’s common knowledge that I chose Olympus ’cause that’s the one I liked the best.

Despite the fact that I’m shooting with cutting-edge technology, recently I’ve been thinking about being more ‘old school’. As much as I love the OM-D and think it’s a fabulous tool, it’s a tool – and without having an artist to wield it, it would never show its full potential. At the end of the day, you can’t neglect your photographic skills.

Less can so often be more, and I wanted to highlight that in my column – so I’ve chosen to talk about a couple of images that I shot with some delegates on a recent workshop day. The kit was minimal as the theme of the day was based around the ‘less is more’ concept. The location is an underpass that’s not far from my studio in Chester in the UK, and other than just making use of ambient light, the images were lit with two Quantum Qflash T5Drs. These are basically just speedlights on steroids – being about three times more powerful than your normal speedlight.


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