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Diary Dates

26-27 February 8th Annual SmartLab Exchange

Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Germany

17-21 March Pittcon 2013

Pennsylvania Convention Center, USA

9-11 April Bio-IT World Conference and Expo’13 World Trade Center, Boston, USA

17-18 April Paperless Lab Forum 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

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LC Bio has announced its participation in the European FP7 project, STATegra, and will receive

$1.3 million out of the total $7.8 million budget. STATegra aims to develop a user- friendly integral analysis platform for different omics data, capable of providing a more efficient use of genomics technologies. The project

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New partner in gene project

will generate and integrate data obtained in proteomic, metabolomic and epigenomic experiments. ‘One of the big challenges today is going past the raw sequence data and getting to grips with the complexity of epigenetic processes – how, when and why are certain genes switched off or expressed?’ said senior bioinformatics scientist at CLC bio, Dr Michael Lappe.

Increasing efficiency with ACD/

Structure Elucidator The medicinal chemistry department of Hautes Etudes d’Ingenieur in Lille, France, will use ACD/Structure Elucidator to help streamline research efforts. The ACD/Structure Elucidator will be used by the research laboratory of Phillipe Gautret at the engineering school, whose work includes the

New products

LabWare ELN v2.0 LabWare has released version 2.0 of its ELN system, a key component of the company’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) solution strategy. LabWare ELN is an experiment- and workflow-driven software application enabling customers to document their experiments including relevant scientific content and observations, instrument results and attachments such as spectra and chromatograms. The product works with LabWare’s flagship product, LabWare LIMS, allowing any data within LIMS to be accessible by ELN and vice versa.

As well as its ability to automate scientific experiments, the system also provides guided laboratory execution system capabilities. Laboratories that work on GMP samples are required to follow standardised testing methods in the laboratory. LabWare ELN helps ensure that technicians are performing STMs according to the proper sequence of steps stipulated in the standard operating procedure, improving operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


elucidation of complex by-products. Structure Elucidator is the most peer-reviewed, computer-assisted structure elucidation software available today, and has proven to be powerful at elucidating the complex and exotic structures formed in very low amounts in some organic syntheses.

On page 16 of our Laboratory Informatics Guide 2013, we inadvertently published an image relating to iCD Labs/Q LIMS in an article relating to the IDBS E-WorkBook. We would like to apologise for this error.

He continues: ‘By working together with leading experimental researchers and using our in-house competences in world-class software engineering, we aim to leverage a framework which makes this extremely complex network biology understandable. Ultimately our tools will facilitate the translation of massive amounts of data into useful insights that can be applied in clinical settings.’

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the VisionTracker database software for the management, tracking and retrieval of lab samples. VisionTracker was showcased at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 2013 event in January. VisionTracker software provides a database to organise and track sample information and storage location. The product’s database has an intuitive graphical interface

and comes pre-loaded with Thermo Scientific Cryo and 2D barcoded Storage Tubes and Boxes, as well as Thermo Scientific freezers, allowing quick and easy integration into any storage workflow or laboratory environment. In addition, VisionTracker is suitable for use with Thermo Scientific VisionMate 2D barcode readers to simplify management and tracking of barcoded samples.

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