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Letter to the Editor “Questions To Ask a Potential New

Supplier” is an excellent article by Bob Mueller in the Nov./Dec. 2012 issue of Metal Casting Design and Purchasing. T is is the kind of information a com- pany needs to evaluate a new supplier. However, from an engineering standpoint the following additional issues also should be addressed. Most of these can be ac- complished with a plant tour. • Certifi cations such as ISO and, where applicable, National Aerospace & Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP).

• If castings are produced to various specifi cations, is a current copy of these specs on hand and how are updates handled?

• Is there a shop traveler (planning) for each part with in-process quality buy-off steps?

• How is in-process equipment maintained? Is there a quality stamp in plain sight or are maintenance records available?

• What quality controls are in place for incoming raw materials; in addition, melt temperatures, chemistry and storage?

• How is tooling stored/maintained? • How is the inspection department

Twenty students were awarded a total of $44,500 at the FEF College Industry Conference held Nov. 15-16 at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago. More than 280 industry executives (including nine FEF Past Presidents), student delegates, key professors and university administrators attended.

set up and what kind of equipment do they have? Does it have a current calibration tag? Also, who does the equipment calibration?

• Do they perform in-house NDT and are the operators certifi ed, and to what standard(s)?

• Is mechanical properties testing done in house or by a contractor? If in-house, what kind of equipment do they have and do they have documented procedures?

• Do they do in process weld repair, do they have a documented procedure and are the welders certifi ed (and to what standard)?

• How are discrepant products controlled, as far as documentation, storage and fi nal disposition?

• Is there a “Cause and Corrective” procedure for discrepant products?

T ese are some of the issues I use when auditing a foundry, and it is not complete, nor is it a one-size-fi ts-all list. But if you are auditing a new foundry, use what is applicable to your situation from this list as well as the article, and you will get a good feel for the foundry’s capability. —Chuck Rearick, President, Rearick & Associates, Arlington, Texas 

McKinney Wins MODERN CASTING Scholarship T e FEF/AFS Distinguished Pro-

fessor Award was given to FEF key professor Scott Giese, U. of North- ern Iowa. T e Keith Millis and Ron Ruddle scholarship recipients were announced, as well as the recipient of the fi rst William Allan Hunter Scholarship. FEF’s highest award, the E.J. Walsh Award, was presented to FEF board member and treasurer Rob Steele. Next year’s conference will be held November 21-22 at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Read the full list at  Newscast Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis, and

MODERN CASTING Scholarship winner Shawn McKinney, Virginia Tech, with AFS Executive Vice President Jerry Call.

Objet Ltd., Rehovot, Israel, have completed a merger to form a 3D printing and direct digital manufac-


turing company valued at $3 billion. T e combined company, Stratasys Ltd., will maintain headquarters in the U.S. and Israel. 


February • AFS Labor Relations & Human Resources Conference, February 6, Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa, Clearwater, Fla.

• AFS Southeastern Regional Conference, February 20-22, Savannah, Ga.

• AFS Wisconsin Regional Conference, February 28- March 1, Crowne Plaza, Milwaukee


• Introduction to Metalcasting, March 5-7, AFS Headquarters, Schaumburg, Ill.


• CastExpo’13 and Cast in North America, April 6-9, America’s Center, St. Louis, Mo.

• AFS Northwest Regional Conference, April 25-26, Coast Plaza, Vancouver, BC, Canada


• AFS Government Aff airs Conference, May 1-3, J.W. Marriott, Washington, DC

June 2013

• Ductile Iron Society (DIS) Pure Power Technologies, June 5-7, Westin, Indianapolis

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