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Fame Is Not Fleeting “Superior performance” seems like

an appropriate way to describe the ca- reers of Jason Couch and Lynda Barnes. Barnes was a two-time USBC Queens champion and accumulated dozens of international medals as a mainstay on Team USA. Couch, mean- while, made history by win- ning three con- secutive PBA Tournament of Champions crowns among his four majors, and captured 16 career PBA titles overall. Not surpris-


ingly, Barnes and Couch have been elected to the United States Bowling Con- gress Hall of Fame in the Su- perior Performance category. The pair will be formally inducted during cere- monies at the 2013 USBC Convention, May 2, in Reno.


packed strikes, then watching Jason Belmonte fail to strike on his final ball to seal his win at the PBA Chameleon Championship, PBA player Scott Norton erupted in tears and immediately kissed his spouse. Not unusual, right?


moment as “potentially landmark television” and “new precedent.” (For Scott Norton’s complete interview with Huffington Post, go to Stay Connected.) To Scott Norton, the moment

was an important one to share. “It needs to be out there that a moment between my husband and I is no different than a moment between, say, Bill O’Neill and his wife,” said Norton, who married Woodward in 2011. “So in that regard, it’s very nice to see that it’s being treated as such.” News sites credited ESPN

KISS CAM: PBA Chameleon Championship winner Scott Norton drew national at- tention for his emotional reaction to securing the title.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WITH A KISS

Norton’s reaction precedent-setting? He hopes so. After throwing three pressure-

Except in this case Norton’s spouse is another man, Craig Woodward. The moment, which ESPN carried in a refreshingly matter-of-fact manner, generated immediate reaction on the internet. The Huffington Post, USA TODAY and YardBarker (a subsidiary of Fox Sports Interactive) referred to the

announcers Lon McEachern and Randy Pedersen with discussing Norton’s marriage throughout the match, treating it only as background to Norton’s on-the- lanes accomplishments. “It’s not really about making a big deal of the kiss,” added Norton. “It’s more about showing the world that sensationalism is just that, sensationalism. Craig and I are no different from any other couple. We fight, laugh, love and live.” In fact, Norton has hopes that

the story will continue to be told. “There has been interest from some news outlets. E! News has been talking about doing something with me, but that’s about it. I’m hoping it takes off and hasn’t died out.”

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