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If you’ve got a pet, you’ve got the perfect wildlife subject! The good news is whether it’s a budgie or a Great Dane, they’ll already be familiar with your presence so shouldn’t be too alarmed when you dig your Olympus out. By all means shoot the obvious images, but also try for unusual shots, when your pet is asleep or even in motion.

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your subjects Good nature pictures don’t happen by luck – most are carefully planned, based on knowing the behaviour of your subject. Understanding their daily routines will help you bag better shots. For example, birds will sing to mark their territories, so find where they sit to sing and you’re halfway to great pictures.


If you think you’re going to get a great wildlife shot within two minutes, you’re going to be disappointed. It does sometimes happen, but more often than not, you’ll have to sit tight and wait for the very best shots. Given this, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position where you don’t need to get up and move all the time, as this will frighten more timid birds or animals. Think about concealing yourself indoors and shooting through a gap in the curtains. OLYMPUS MAGAZINE■ OCTOBER 2012

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