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On the Metal Casting Desing and Purchasing LinkedIn discussion board, a member asks: “Which is better, die casting or sand casting? Comparing cost, production and pricing product to market.” Below are exerpts from some of the discussion points:

“It depends on your production needs, quantity, design and aesthetic wishes. For offi ce furniture, I generally advise die casting. The investmnet cost is higher but the product price is lower and many different surface

treatments are possible.” -Berry M., Owner at Ningbo Alumess Import Export Company Ltd.

“Another alternative is permanent

mold casting. It is similar to die casting in that it is made in a metal mold like die casting, but not injected under high pressure. Typically, it is poured and uses gravity as the means to fi ll the mold. Tooling is less expesive than die casting but more than a sand cast pattern. Part price ia also between die and sand casting.” -John M., OEM, B2B Sales

“Production quantity is usually the

determining factor with die casting. It will determine if your tooling cost will be

worth the discounted piece price.” -Mike B., Sales Engineer at Dynacast

“It depends on quality

standards and order volume. Die casting has a higher cost for mold, but high effi ciency in production. Also, die casting has a smoother

surface fi nish.” -Tony Z., Independent Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional

“(1) Die casting cost is lower than sand casting during mass production; (2) Sand casting molding is typically lower than die casting anywhere; (3) Die casting

quality is higher than sand casting.” -Jason X., Sales Mgr. at Showling Industrial Group Ltd.

“If the casting can be made by

green sand, it is a better option— cheap, fast and bulk production.”

-Geethamohan S., Free Lance Consultant for SG & 7

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That Must Be One Big Cup of Coffee

The “Viseum” in Wetzlar, Germany,

is featuring a 7.5-ft. cast bronze, nickel-plated spoon—the largest utensil manufacturer WMF has ever produced. The sculpture is designed to highlight the refl ections and optical distortions of looking into a polished bowl of a spoon. The original

CAD data was adjusted to the required size and transferred to a voxeljet VX1000 printer, which produced a plastic model of the spoon’s bowl. The model was produced in approximately 10 hours from thousands of 0.00591-inch (0.15 mm) layers selectively glued together. The large build space of the

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machine made it possible to print the bowl in one piece at 33.5 x 16.4 x 7.5 inches (850 x 416 x 192 millimeters). The unpacking process, during

which excess material is removed from the model, was followed by a stiffening process using artifi cial resin and subsequent fi nishing. This method did away with the construction of a negative mold, resulting in signifi cant cost and time savings. The printed model was used to quickly generate a sand mold that was cast in bronze. —Denise Kapel, senior editor

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